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Grandfather took his own life after being furloughed, geregtelike ondersoek hoor

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Oupa, 72, took his own life after he was furloughed and couldn't see his beloved granddaughter during lockdown, inquest hearsMalcolm Mather, also known as Clive, was from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Father-o...

Furloughed worker killed himself amid fears his savings would run out

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Transport worker, 58, on furlough killed himself after panic buying £1 ready meals because he feared his savings would run out, inquest hearsGrahame Tarrant, 58, was found dead in a river in Chorley, Lancashire in Au...

How many people are STILL furloughed in your area?

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How many people are STILL furloughed in your area? ONS map reveals the areas of the UK where most people have been off work in the latest lockdown A new interactive map sheds new light today on how companies across t...

Pay furloughed staff MORE to get them ‘off sofa’, says BofE economist

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Pay furloughed staff MORE to get them 'off the sofa': Bank of England economist claims Britain's TWO MILLION idle employees need cash incentive to be coaxed back to work26% of people in arts, entertainment and recrea...

Furloughed workers reveal redundancy fears as bailout scheme ends

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'It's really stressful...I feel forgotten about': Furloughed workers reveal fears as Covid bailout scheme finally comes to end after 19 months despite warnings up to a million are still reliant on handoutsMinisters a...

Firm was awarded £40m accused of ‘forcing furloughed staff to work

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Digital marketing firm that was awarded £40million of taxpayers' money to deliver coronavirus PPE accused of 'forcing furloughed staff to work'KAU Media Group has been accused of forcing furloughed staff to keep work...