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Mirrored furniture trend creates illusion of space in your home

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Reflected glories: Mirrored furniture is back – and will create the illusion of space and light in the homeSome see mirrored pieces as flashy and bling - but they create illusion of space Mirrored furniture also give...

Will furniture retailers pay for any delivery damage?

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Will a furniture retailer pay if your home is damaged during delivery? Why you should check and what three big names stores sayWill the company delivering your item of furniture pay for any damage? Always check in ad...

Nicky Clarke laai meubels in die bakkie terwyl hy die Mayfair-salon toemaak

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Sny en hardloop! Beroemde haarstilis Nicky Clarke laai meubels in die bakkie terwyl hy Mayfair-salon toemaak 30 jare weens Covid-kontantkrisis - aangesien hy terugslag in die gesig staar oor eispersoneel nou 'minder wil doen en meer betaal word'..

Lente 2022 interieurneigings: Gewaagde kleure en geboë meubels

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Lente in die nuwe! Gewaagde kleure, geboë meubels – hierdie seisoen se huisversieringneigings is 'n welkome teenmiddel teen winterse somberheid Die 'terugkeer van kleur' ​​is die bepalende interieurneiging van die dekade, sê 'n kenner Die ...

Isoleer Brittanje betogers gom hulself aan hofmeubels vas

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Isoleer Brittanje se betogers plak hulself aan hofmeubels vas terwyl hulle aangekla lyk oor M25-chaos - as Just Stop Oil activists are arrested after breaching injunction by demonstrating outside of oil terminalDiana ...

Spruce up your garden furniture with this Bosch pressure washer

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'40-year-old muck gone': Shoppers are sprucing up their patio and garden furniture with this Bosch pressure washer - on sale for £31 off Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our s...

Upcycler on how to turn IKEA’s best-sellers into bespoke furniture

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I can't believe that's IKEA! Talented DIY fan reveals dramatic makeovers of the furniture giant's best-sellers, including the £110 Billy bookcase, using just a jigsaw, MDF and a lick of paintNHS physio Jennifer Roth,...

Why buy your furniture when you can rent it!

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hul gesinne het hul verhouding ondersteun! ANTONIA HOYLE gives her living room an elegant makeover using the latest interior trendThe global furniture rental market is expected to reach £7.5 billion by 2031 John Le...

UCLA grad student, 24, is stabbed to death in LA furniture store

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UCLA grad student, 24, is stabbed to death while working in LA furniture store: Homeless man knifes her in random attack before calmly walking out of back doorBrianna Kupfer was working alone in the Croft House store...

Online furniture seller Made gets a mauling as shares drop again

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Made gets a mauling as shares drop again: Online furniture seller reveals it is suffering severe stock issues Life as a listed company got even tougher for Made after the trendy online furniture seller revealed it is...

Eagle-eyed customers spot WHITE SUPREMACY book in furniture advert

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That's not what you want to show off on your coffee table: Eagle-eyed customers spot WHITE SUPREMACY book used as a prop by Wayfair in furniture advertA Twitter user discovered an ad for a Wayfair coffee table had a ...

Garden furniture prices soared by up to 155% tydens toesluit

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Garden furniture prices soared by up to 155% during lockdown as retailers blame higher shipping costs and materials shortagesSheds, Laat daar lig wees, tables and other garden furniture all saw steep price increases Price of a s...

How to get the most out of YOUR garden furniture

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Has rain left YOUR garden furniture worse for wear: Cleaning experts reveal how to make it look good as new - from olive oil to clean rattan chairs to white vinegar for removing metal rustExperts have given lowdown o...