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Overweight detective told to stop ‘drinking gallons of cokewins £10K

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Overweight detective wins £10,000 for her hurt feelings after boss told her she would feel better if she stopped 'drinking gallons of coke'DC Kerry Moth, 46, was told to take more responsibility over diet, tribunal h...

Squirrel hides 42 gallons of nuts in a North Dakota man’s pickup truck

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Insurance salesman finds sneaky squirrel's stash of 150lbs of nuts in his Chevy Avalanche pickup truck after he returns home from business tripBill Fischer returned from a work trip in September to find a squirrel ha...

Student who drank 1.5 GALLONS of soda a day loses a staggering 276lbs

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Student, 26, wat gedrink het 1.5 GALLONS of soda a day loses 280lbs with the help of a gastric bypass surgery after discovering she was pre-diabetic at just 24Student Erika Olson, 26, from Clearfield in Utah, weighed 420lb...