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I tirapiedi di Ghislaine: Pressure mounts for enablers to face charges

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Ghislaine's minions: Pressure mounts for Maxwell's 'recruiters' to be brought to justice after the 'mastermind' behind Epstein's sex trafficking scheme is convictedGhislaine Maxwell's conviction has raised questions ...

Ghislaine’s sister sobs on realizing sibling will turn 60 in carcere

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Dramatic moment Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Christine breaks down in tears on discovering sibling would spend Christmas Day - accused sex trafficker's 60th birthday - behind barsNew footage shows Ghislaine Maxwell's s...

Ghislaine’s first accuser ‘Janetakes the stand

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Ghislaine Maxwell's first accuser 'Jane' says Epstein made her 'straddle his face and pinch his nipples' when she was 14-years-old - while Ghislaine watchedGhislaine Maxwell's first accuser known as 'Jane' took the s...