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Giant rocks sinking through an early moon could produce magnetic field

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Has the mystery of the moon's now-defunct magnetic field finally been solved? Giant rocks that sank through to its mantle could have produced an intermittent charge during first billion yearsDuring its early formatio...

TONY HETHERINGTON: More horror stories about pension giant Mercer

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TONY HETHERINGTON: No mercy from Mercer as the Big Unfriendly Giant of pensions amasses yet more reader complaints P.C. skryf: I read your recent article about pension company Mercer. Our mother-in-law lost her hus...

Chain or boutique? Can YOU tell a one-off hotel from a global giant?

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Is it chain or chic boutique? Bland is banished at these 10 British hotels – so can YOU tell a one-off from a global giant?When it comes to decor, chain hotels in the UK are increasingly mimicking the unique style of...

Turkse beïnvloeder vonnisse nadat hy langs 'n reuse-penis geposeer het

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Turkse beïnvloeder word vyf maande tronkstraf opgeskort nadat hy langs 'n reuse-penisstandbeeld geposeer het vir 'obsene' foto's in Amsterdam se seksmuseum Merve Taskin, 23, het die foto's geplaas terwyl ek die Nederlandse stad besoek het..

Family living next to giant SINKHOLE are forced to cancel Christmas

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Family living next to giant SINKHOLE are forced to cancel Christmas holiday and stay at home to take it in turns to pump water out of their cellar after council’s temporary fix 'triggered flooding'Nick Clarke, 49, hy het...

US giant Microsoft is accused of NHS ‘takeover by stealth

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US giant Microsoft is accused of NHS 'takeover by stealth' by elbowing UK firms out of millions of pounds of contracts by giving remote-meeting software to the Health ServiceBusiness Secretary investigating claims Mi...

The James Webb telescope looks like a giant honeycomb

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Voyage to dawn of time: The James Webb telescope looks like a giant honeycomb and next week will launch one million miles into space to get a glimpse of the Big Bang - and see the birth of our universeThe 'honeycomb'...

Super-rare giant phantom jellyfish with bizarre MOUTH ARMS is spotted

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Super-rare giant phantom jellyfish with bizarre MOUTH ARMS is spotted in the twilight zone off the coast of CaliforniaRare phantom jellyfish with bizarre 'mouth arms' is spotted off coast of California The giant but ...

Giant whale shark ‘videobombstourists swimming in the Philippines

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Close encounter! Moment giant whale shark 'videobombs' kids swimming in PhilippinesFootage from a group of tourists shows the gentle giants 'videobomb' them Milkie Espinosa Rodrigo and her friends swam in Oslob, Cebu...

Moment ‘idiotthrill-seeker hit by giant wave in midst of Storm Arwen

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Tide and tested! Moment 'idiot' thrill-seeker is nearly swallowed by giant wave while standing on Scarborough seafront in the midst of Storm Arwen... but manages to remain on his feetThe unsuspecting man was wanderin...

The 160lb ‘gentle gianttherapy dog bonding with care home residents

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Great morale boost! Grey the 160lb 'gentle giant' therapy dog bonds with nursing home residents in adorable footageGrey the Great Dane brings joy to people living in care facilities in Pittsburgh He was made a certif...

Rosamund Pike spring uit 'n reuse-videoskerm in Amazon Prime-promosie

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Gee hulle 'n groot hand! Karakters 'spring uit' van Piccadilly Circus-advertensiebord in spookagtige 3D-advertensie vir Amazon Prime-fantasieprogram The Wheel of TimeRosamund Pike speel in die nuwe Amazon Prime-program The Wheel of Time ...

Hubble Space Telescope shows off new views of gas giant planets

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Hubble Space Telescope shows off never-before-seen epic views of the solar system's gas giants: Drastic changes are seen to the planets' atmospheres, including new storms on JupiterThe Hubble Telescope released new i...

Boss of Chinese property giant Evergrande sells $1.1b worth of assets

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Boss of debt-ridden Chinese property giant Evergrande sells $1.1BILLION worth of assets including jets, art and Hong Kong flats under orders from Beijing amid fears firm's collapse could spark global financial meltdo...

Maui woman films giant whale breaching the ocean surface

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‘O my God, it’s right under us’: Kayaker screams with excitement as whale leaps out of the water and dives under her boat off MauiBrittany Ziegler, 31, spends six months a year filming whales off the Maui coast She ...

Shell’s slick move: Oil giant shifts HQ to London in boost for Britain

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Shell’s slick move: Ministers hail a victory for post-Brexit Britain as Oil giant ditches Holland base and shifts HQ to London Shell is ditching the Netherlands and moving its headquarters to London in a move ministe...

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