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Police hunt sex attacker who abused girls aged 16 en 17 in two days

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Police hunt sex attacker who assaulted schoolgirls aged 16 en 17 in two days in Greenwich where Sabina Nessa and Khloemae Loy were murdered in 2021Police are hunting a sex attacker who abused two girls in Greenwich ...

Row breek uit oor meisieskool en sê dit sal nie trans-leerlinge aanvaar nie

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Ry breek uit nadat voorste groep meisieskole gesê het dat hulle nie transgender-leerlinge sal aanvaar nie as 2,000 teken petisie en LP beskuldig trust daarvan dat hy 'agter Gelykheidswet wegkruip'. Girls' Day School Trust het gesê dit is 'commit'..

School rugby coach, 34, ‘asked girls to send him nude pictures

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School rugby coach, 34, 'asked girl pupils to send him nude pictures on Instagram and Snapchat'Gavin Williams was head of rugby at Aberdare Community School in Wales He allegedly asks girls for topless pictures and s...

JENNI MURRAY: Full marks to the girlsschools who defy the trans mob

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JENNI MURRAY: Full marks to the girls’ schools who dare to defy the trans mobJenni Murray says the views of the Girls’ Day School Trust is factual but brave Refusing admission to pupils who are legally male, even if ...

Teaching assistant sacked for ‘humiliatingboy he gave a girl’s name

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Teaching assistant who claimed school had a 'vendetta' against him after he was sacked for 'humiliating' boy he gave a girl's name and called child 'pathetic' loses tribunalJohn Brelsford split PE lesson up by gender...

Meet the deaf girls inspired by Strictly champion Rose Ayling-Ellis

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We're the Rosettes! Meet the deaf little girls inspired to dancing glory by Strictly champion Rose Ayling-EllisRose Ayling-Ellis is deaf and said she wanted to 'break stereotypes' Organisations supporting children wi...

Babameisie se pragtige reaksie op die proe van pizza vir die eerste keer

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Sny van vreugde! Babameisie se pragtige reaksie toe sy vir die eerste keer pizza proe. Steph Kimball het die oomblik verfilm wat sy vir die eerste keer vir dogter Sally pizza gegee het Die jong het net 'n klein byt maar gee 'n eup...

Should we give girls dolls that teach them to ‘fixthe way they look?

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Should we really be giving girls dolls that teach them to ‘fix’ the way they look?FailFix ‘makeover dolls’ are tipped to be among this year's most wanted gifts Tanith Carey claims dolls are reinforcing idea girls nee...

Sex-slave girls forced to ‘marryISIS-linked militants in Mozambique

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Sex-slave girls forced to 'marry' ISIS-linked militants are raped daily after the terror group kidnapped 600 women and children in three years in Mozambique, report revealsGirls were abducted during raids by ISIS-lin...

Dad of three girls ‘murdered by their motherreturns to South Africa

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Father of three girls 'murdered by their mother' returns to South Africa as his wife remains in a psychiatric ward before her next court appearanceLauren Dickason is due to appear at the High Court in Christchurch ne...

Malala urges US to take action on getting Afghan girls back to school

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Malala Yousafzai urges America to take action on getting Afghan girls back to school as she meets with Secretary of State Antony BlinkenMalala was at the State Department on Monday to raise the plight of Afghan girls...

Injured Waukesha girl’s uncle shares horrific parade details

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'I hope he spends the rest of his jail in isolation': Uncle of girl, 11, fighting for her life on a ventilator after Waukesha parade massacre describes horror scenes and says suspect makes him 'sick to his stomach'A ...

Elite girlsschool is teaching outdoor survival ‘bushcraft’ vaardighede

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Do you all have your axes, kinders? Elite girls' school Rodean starts teaching pupils outdoor survival 'bushcraft' skillsPupils at the school in Brighton will learn how to use and axe and whittle wood The pilot sch...

Playboy-model: Girls had to sleep on the LAWN if they missed 9p curfew

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Ex-Playmate lifts the lid on life in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion, revealing women who missed 9pm curfew had to sleep on the LAWN and would get KICKED OUT if they 'even met boys'Jenna Bentley from Montana moved into...

Pedofiel, 22, admits blackmailing over 70 teenage girls online

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Pedofiel, 22, used online chat groups to blackmail over 70 teenage girls into performing humiliating sex acts - including convincing one victim to carve his name into her breastElliot Nicklin of Merseyside used onl...

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