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British Gas pay-as-you-go customers in the lurch after glitch

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British Gas pay-as-you-go customers left in the lurch after technical glitch stops them from topping up A technical glitch at British Gas left its Smart Pay As You Go customers unable to top up their gas and electric...

Microsoft working to fix ‘Y2K22email glitch similar to Y2K flaw

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The Millennium bug is BACK: Microsoft is ‘working around the clock’ to fix ‘Y2K22’ email glitch similar to Y2K flaw that plagued computers 22 years agoThe issue began taking down exchange servers at midnight on New Y...

Honda glitch leaves clocks in older cars stuck 20 years in the past

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Ritorno al futuro! Baffled Honda owners find the clocks on their cars are stuck 20 years in the past and displaying 2002 due to a tech glitch that won't be fixed until AUGUSTOwners of Honda vehicles have taken to me...

NASA fixes glitch in the ‘brainof SLS megarocket

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NASA fixes glitch in the 'brain' of SLS megarocket ahead of its maiden flight in March that will pave the way for astronauts to return to the moon later this decadeNASA has been developing Space Launch System (SLS) m ...

Wordle glitch see TWO different solutions depending on the site used

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'The day that divided Wordle': Players are left baffled after an apparent glitch sees TWO different solutions depending on which site you useBritish software engineer Josh Wardle invented the game Wordle for his part...

Ukrainians left in limbo trying to reach UK over Home Office ‘glitch

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Thousands of Ukrainian refugees are left in limbo after Home Office glitch sparked confusion over how many forms to fill out - as families claim red tape hell requires fathers fighting on front to send letters of con...