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Show jumper, 19, left looking ‘like a goldfishafter horror fall

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Award-winning showjumper, 19, is left looking 'like a goldfish with golf ball eyes' after horror stables fall split her forehead in half and left her needing 17 stitches - because she wasn't wearing a helmetAbbi Diam...

Operation stops goldfish going blind after developing a tumour on eye

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Saving Nemo! Hour-long operation stops trainee vet's beloved goldfish Dotty going blind after developing a tumour on its left eyeTrainee vet Caroline McHugh's goldfish Dotty developed a tumour on her left eye She gav...

Goldfish weighing 9lbs,15 times bigger than regular pet found in lake

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So much for flushing it away! MASSIVE goldfish weighing 9lbs - fino a 15 times the size of a regular pet - is found in a South Carolina lake'Frankenstein' goldfish weighing 9lbs and measuring 15in long found in a lake...