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Coroner slams government as A&E doctor denied face mask died of Covid

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Coroner slams government for failing to protect father-of-three A&E medic, 52, who died of Covid after he was denied face mask amid PPE shortage at start of pandemicA&E worker and father-of-three Peter Hart, 52, f...

Most right-wing government since WWII in Italy expected to be elected

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Italy braces for political earthquake on eve of elections expected to hand the country the most right-wing government since World War TwoThe far-Right party, Brothers of Italy, predicted to be a big winner in tomorrow...

Far right demonstrators demand government overturns immigration policy

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Far right demonstrators demand British government overturns its immigration policy as Met police make arrest and keep them apart from 'anti-fascist' counter-demoHundreds turn out for pro-Putin, anti-immigration march ...

Government BLOCKS City of London’s 15mph speed limit plan

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Government BLOCKS City of London's 15mph speed limit plan because car speedos aren't accurate enough when driving so slowlyThe City of London wanted a 15mph speed limit enforced within the Square Mile The Government ...