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Powerful US-style governors could soon be elected

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Powerful US-style governors could soon be elected to rule over areas of rural England under Michael Gove's plans to level up and 'extend, deepen and simplify devolution'Devolution plans could see English regions elec...

Paraguay governor’s daughter, drug dealer boyfriend among four killed

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Shocking moment Paraguayan governor's daughter, her drug dealer boyfriend and two other women are executed outside a nightclubHaylee Acevedo, the 21-year-old daughter of Paraguayan governor Ronald Acevedo, was execut...

Investors shrug off BoE Governor’s suggestion of early rate hike

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Interest rates 'very unlikely to go up this year': Investors say it would need a big inflation shock for the Bank of England to hit the economy with higher borrowing costsAndrew Bailey said the BoE could move to hike...

Biden praises officials battling governors over mask mandates

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'This isn’t about politics. This is about keeping our children safe': Biden condemns anti-mask protesters and praises doctors, teachers and mayors who are battling governors over school mask mandatesBiden condemned u...

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa is seen sneaking into the Governor’s mansion

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EKSKLUSIEF: Andrew Cuomo's 'mean girl' Melissa DeRosa is seen sneaking into the Governor's mansion less than a day after quitting as the 'sex pest's' top aide and hours before Cuomo himself resignsMelissa DeRosa, 38, ...

Jair Bolsonaro rages at ‘tyrantgovernors imposing Brazil lockdowns

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Jair Bolsonaro rages at 'tyrant' mayors and governors imposing lockdowns against his will amid record surge in Covid-19 cases in BrazilBolsonaro spoke to supporters to attack local politicians imposing lockdowns He t...