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Who was Churchill’s ‘Little Redhead’ kleindogter?

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Winston Churchill's 'Little Redhead' granddaughter, Celia Sandys, 78, who was taken on casino jollies and went to parties with Jackie Onassis and Maria Callas shares memories of her colourful childhood in new memoirW...


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Oogpunt! Oogpunt, 18, Oogpunt.

Granddaughter draws on ‘Groucho Marxeyebrows with a marker pen

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That will raise eyebrows! Grandmother apologises to granddaughter's school after the cheeky six-year-old drew on 'Groucho Marx' smudges on her face with a permanent marker penLouisa Jackson, 59, from Bexley, Kent, aan ...

Mussolini’s granddaughter wins a second term as a councillor in Rome

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Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini's granddaughter wins a second term as a councillor in RomeRachele Mussolini, 47, re-elected as a councillor in Rome with increased majority The granddaughter of Mussolini was s...

Ringo Starr’s granddaughter asks if £440 Covid fine will be cancelled

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I feel fined! Ringo Starr's granddaughter, 36, is ordered to pay £440 for practising with her band during lockdown but asks if she will be let off if Boris Johnson is cleared of breaking Covid rulesRingo Starr’s gran...

Nina Simone’s granddaughter blasts Kamala Harris after legal dispute

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Nina Simone's granddaughter blasts Kamala Harris for 'taking star's estate and giving it to white people' in 2013 when the then-California AG ruled family had illegally diverted millions in assetsNine Simone, who die...

Man charged with murdering ‘loving and caringvicar’s granddaughter

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Man, 29, appears in court charged with murdering 'loving and caring' vicar's granddaughter who was found dead on country lane after going on dateMegan Newborough, 23, from Nuneaton, was found dead on a country lane ...

Ukrainian granddaughter, 7, ‘wishes death on the Russian soldiers

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EXCLUSIVE ‘It is so cold down there but it is the only safe place:’ Terrified Ukrainian grandmother trapped with her family in a cellar says her granddaughter, 7, used to cry but now ‘just wishes death on the Russian...

I’ll keep my day job, says Dahl’s granddaughter despite Netflix deal

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PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Roald Dahl’s granddaughter hasn’t given up her day job at a wildlife resort in Kenya - despite whispers that she is pocketing around £10million from Netflix for rights to author's books Here’s the f...

Prince Andrew returns to the Royal Lodge to meet his new granddaughter

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Prince Andrew returns to Royal Lodge to meet his new granddaughter for first time after finally leaving Balmoral bolthole 12 days after Beatrice gave birth - as he hires top lawyer to fight Virginia Giuffre sex assau...

Brazilian president’s daughter-in-law, granddaughter catch COVID-19

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Brazilian president's daughter-in-law and 11-month-old granddaughter test positive for COVID-19 after his lawmaker son learned he was infected after returning from U.N. General Assembly in New YorkBrazilian President...

Nonna’s priceless reaction to her granddaughter eating frozen pizza

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Italian Nonna's priceless reaction to her granddaughter eating frozen pizza for dinner - before sharing how she REALLY feels about ham and pineappleGranddaughter captures her Nonna's hilarious reaction to frozen Hawa...

Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter Flora Ogilvy lands new role at V&A

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Princess Alexandra's granddaughter Flora Ogilvy says she is 'thrilled' as she lands new role as Ambassador of the V&A Museum’s Young Patrons’ CircleFlora Ogilvy, 26, is granddaughter of Queen's cousin Princess Alexan...

Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter Flora Ogilvy celebrates nuptials

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A (tweede) koninklike troue! Princess Alexandra's granddaughter Flora Ogilvy celebrates her nuptials with church blessings attended by Prince Edward, Sophie Wessex and Lord Frederick Windsor - after marrying in low key ...

EDEN VERTROULIK: Connery’s granddaughter dating Peck’s grandson

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EDEN VERTROULIK: Sean Connery's granddaughter finds love with Gregory Peck's grandson Gregory Peck never shared a screen with Sean Connery, but the Hollywood legends' grandchildren have discovered they're the perfe...

VIDEO: Ouma het verras toe militêre kleindogter terugkeer huis toe

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Oomblik verstom laat ouma haar drankies laat val toe haar weermagdogter haar verras na ses maande weg Kathy Elceser was onbewus van haar kleindogter Lindsay het van diens af teruggekeer Die US Army Private First Class het na Il ...

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