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Cornish locals demand second home owners PAY BACK £100m Covid grants

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Cornwall residents' fury at county's wealthy second home owners as they demand those who use their properties as an 'investment or leisure toy' PAY BACK £100m of Covid relief grants£100m to help Cornish businesses ov...

Gas boilers BANNED from 2035 and consumers offered heat pump grants

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New £5,000 grant to ditch your gas boiler: Ministers to unveil scheme promoting heat pump systems - with traditional installations BANNED from 2035 in latest eco driveBoris Johnson is set to announce his Heat and Bui...

Hugh Grant’s former South Kensington penthouse goes on sale

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The ultimate bachelor pad! Hugh Grant's former South Kensington penthouse which he lived in while filming Love Actually goes on sale for £7,950,000 - complete with hot tub, private gym and stunning panoramic views ov...

Eco fraudsters: Sickening scams in the UN’s green grants

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Eco fraudsters sending your millions up in smoke: Leaders scuttling to Glasgow's climate summit in private jets is nothing compared to sickening scams in the UN’s green grants - including the deeply sinister set-up o...

Paris claims victory in fishing row as Guernsey grants licences

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Paris claims a victory over Britain in fishing row as Guernsey grants licence to EVERY fishing boat France believed was entitled to one under post-Brexit termsGuernsey granted licences to 43 vessels registered in Bri...

Boris Johnson verleen voormalige onafhanklike waghondrol van die Bullingdon-klub

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Boris Johnson stel die voormalige Bullingdon Club-tydgenoot aan as onafhanklike waghond wat toesig hou oor en advies gee oor etiek in die openbare lewe, Ewen Fergusson, om hom by die regering se komitee vir standaarde in die openbaar aan te sluit..

Historic England grants 11 pubs new listed protections

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The pubs saved for the nation by Historic England: Actor Peter O'Toole's local, one built to serve one of England's largest council estates and Exeter boozer visited by the Queen are given new listed status as part o...

Husband of Eddy Grant’s niece ‘poured petrol over her and lit it

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Estranged husband of Eddy Grant's niece 'poured petrol over her then set it on fire and left her to burn to death', court hearsDamion Simmons, 45, posted pictures of Denise Keane-Simmons on social media before he bro...

‘AffordableEVs are 50% pricier than petrols after grants scrapped

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The electric cars that are £1,500 more expensive after EV grants were axed - and they now cost £9,000 more on average than a petrol equivalentDepartment for Transport terminated the Plug-in Car Grant a week ago It me...

Estranged husband of Eddy Grant’s niece ‘said let her suffer

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Estranged husband of Eddy Grant's niece 'told friend he wanted to let her suffer before he burned her alive', court hearsDamion Simmons posted sexual photographs of Denise Keane-Simmons before he broke into her house...

Councils ‘will be given grants to buy family homes to house refugees

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Councils 'will get special grants to rent or buy large homes' for big Afghan refugee families - some with as many as TWELVE people inMore than 100 councils across the country agreed to take in Afghan refugees Report...

Man van Eddy Grant se niggie word skuldig bevind aan moord op haar

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'Controlling' husband of Eddy Grant's niece is found guilty of murdering her after he poured petrol over her head and set her alight in revenge attack when he threw her out of their homeDamion Simmons, 45, charged wi...

France grants citizenship to 12,000 foreign workers on Covid frontline

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France grants citizenship to 12,000 foreigners as a reward for working on the front line during Covid pandemicOver 12,000 foreign-born front line workers were granted French citizenship A special scheme allowed them ...