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Greenhouse gases are being smuggled into the UK from Eastern Europe

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Greenhouse gases are being sold on the BLACK MARKET and smuggled into the UK from Eastern Europe to fuel older machinery, report warnsHydrofluorocarbons are used in air con units, aerosol sprays and refrigerators But...

MooLoo: Scientists potty-train cows to help cut greenhouse emissions

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It's the MooLoo! Scientists successfully 'potty-train' cows to urinate in a specially adapted toilet that would capture waste and cut greenhouse gas emissionsWaste from cows produces ammonia which can leach down into...

EVs emit fewer greenhouse gases even if charged on ‘dirty’ grid’

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Electric cars still release fewer greenhouse gases than gas vehicles - even if they're charged by energy grid that relies on 'dirty' power like coalA new report indicates EVs are the greener option in Europe, the US ...

Just 25 mega-cities emit 52% of the world’s urban greenhouse gases

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Just 25 'mega-cities' produce 52 per cent of the world's urban greenhouse gas emissions — with Shanghai, Tokyo and Moscow topping the listResearchers from Sun Yat-sen University recorded the emissions of 167 cities T...