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L'ex parlamentare SNP nega di aver rubato ai gruppi dell'indipendenza scozzese

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L'ex parlamentare SNP Natalie McGarry , 40, nega di aver rubato più di £ 25.000 dai gruppi dell'indipendenza scozzese Natalie McGarry, 40, presumibilmente ha rubato più di £ 25.000 in mezzo 2013 e 2015 McGarry ha sottratto £ 21.000 mentre il tesoro...

Nature groups in Kent aim to introduce 50 Chough birds into the area

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Choughs will be chuffed to soar in our skies again: Nature groups in Kent aim to introduce 50 of the historic bird of literature and legendThe cough has been extinct from most of England for centuries, remaining only...

Disabled and over-50s are ‘most under-represented groups on TV

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Disabled and over-50s are most under-represented groups on TV, with gay people and ethnic minorities over-represented, research claimsPeople with disabilities made up just 8.3 per cent of on-screen appearances This i...

Russia is ‘backing right-wing groups operating in the US

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Russia government is providing 'indirect' support to right-wing groups operating in the US: Intelligence report says Kremlin 'tolerates' backing neo-fascists because it helps sow divisions in the WestThe Kremlin is p...

Il capo degli standard afferma che i gruppi di interesse speciale rischiano un nuovo scandalo di lobbying

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Il prossimo scandalo delle lobby di Westminster? Il capo degli standard Chris Bryant emette un avvertimento quando l'indagine scopre che 30 milioni di sterline sono stati pagati ai gruppi di interesse speciale dei parlamentari Il presidente della commissione per gli standard ha emesso un avvertimento sul parlamento di tutti i partiti..

Parliament ‘plans clampdown on funding of cross-party interest groups

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Parliament 'plans clampdown on foreign lobbying' to avoid interest groups funded from abroad becoming new sleaze scandalMPs looking at funding and management of all-party parliamentary groups APPGs are informal arran...

Soldi e omaggi in abbondanza per i parlamentari che guidano i controversi gruppi di Commons

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Il club dei tories-on-the-take: Denaro e omaggi a bizzeffe per i parlamentari che guidano i controversi gruppi di pressione della commissione Commons.

Give boosters to young groups to beat waning immunity, scientist says

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Give Covid booster jabs to middle-aged and young adults as soon as 32m over-50s and vulnerable Brits are protected, top Government scientist saysProfessor John Edmunds said vaccines work well, but their protection is...

LGBT advocacy groups blast Dave Chappelle over ‘transphobic’ scherzi

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LGBT advocacy groups blast Dave Chappelle over 'transphobic' gags on new Netflix special and call for streamer to PULL the showDave Chappelle in his sixth Netflix special pokes fun at transgendered women The 48-year-...

Human rights groups condemn Biden for supplying security aid to Egypt

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Human rights groups condemn Biden for supplying hundreds of millions of dollars in security aid to Egypt, saying he is SOFTER on President Sissi than TrumpActivists condemned Biden administration on Tuesday for suppl...

RAPPORTO DI MERCATO: First Group’s £500m to boost to investors

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RAPPORTO DI MERCATO: Rail and bus operator First Group to pay £500m to investors in share buyback and dividend plan First Group, one of the UK’s largest train and bus operators, has confirmed plans to hand back £500million...

Booster jabs to target vulnerable: At-risk groups getting third dose

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Booster jabs to target the most vulnerable: At-risk groups are already getting a third dose of Covid vaccine in trials, health chiefs say Department of Health announced vulnerable receiving third jab against Covid ...

Russell T Davies blasts Disney+ for ignoring sexual minority groups

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Doctor Who and It's A Sin writer Russell T Davies accuses Disney+ and Netflix of ignoring LGBTQ+ community as he slams Tom Hiddleston's Loki coming out as bisexual as 'pathetic' and 'a feeble gesture'Russell T Davies...

Il maggiore azionista di First Group chiede le dimissioni dell'amministratore delegato

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Il maggiore azionista di First Group chiede le dimissioni dell'amministratore delegato mentre intensifica la battaglia con il gruppo dei trasporti transport Il maggiore azionista di Fist Group ha chiesto le dimissioni del suo amministratore delegato mentre intensifica la sua battaglia con il ...

‘Dismayedadvertising and food groups blast rules on junk food ads

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'Dismayed' advertising and food groups hit back at 'nanny state' rules banning TV junk food ads before 9pm and scrapping online promotions from 2023Fast food and confectionery giants will be banned from advertising p...

WaPo condemned for video calling for ‘white accountability groups

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Washington Post is condemned for video urging Americans to set up 'white accountability groups' and force themselves into 'a period of deep shame' over their skin colorThe video is the latest in a podcast series call...