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AWOL Coldstream Guardsman, 19, fights Russians on Ukrainian front line

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ESCLUSIVO: AWOL Coldstream Guardsman, 19, is already fighting Russians on Ukrainian front line after being given AK-47 and a uniform - sparking fears that Putin will consider it an act of warFour British soldiers hav...

Queen's Guardsman bussa bambino

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'Fai strada!' Moment Queen's Guardsman flattens child who stepped into his path at the Tower of LondonYoung child is knocked to the ground by a member of the Queen's Guard The Guardsmen had been doing patrol when chil...

Army guardsman duped women by trading off ‘military glamour’ su Tinder

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Army guardsman, 29, who duped three women into paying him £33,300 after trading off his 'military glamour' on Tinder is jailed for more than two yearsNathan Walker pledged romantic future but was feeding his gambling...