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iPhone flaw ‘lets hackers use your bank cardwithout knowing passcode

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iPhone flaw 'lets hackers use your bank card': Security issue allows cyber-crooks to make contactless payment without knowing owner's passcode, research showsSecurity flaw discovered in iPhones allows hackers to make...

GP whose TV appearance included explicit text says hackers responsible

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'I've never met Suzie Sub': Vaccine-sceptic doctor whose appearance on GB News included a message from woman saying 'use me for your pleasure' says he's lived 'a sheltered life' and he's told police he has been the v...

Chinese hackers exploiting ‘fully weaponisedsoftware vulnerability

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Chinese hackers are exploiting 'fully weaponised' software vulnerability which is causing 'mayhem on the web' and poses a threat to internet-connected devices worldwide, experts warnExperts say the 'Log4shell' flaw i...

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