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Huge blast rips apart popular hotel in Cuba’s capital Havana

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Huge blast kills at least EIGHT and injures 30 after gas explosion rips through five-star hotel in Cuba: Rescuers trawl through the rubble for survivorsThirteen people remain missing after the blast at the five-star ...

Device or a weapon behind Havana Syndrome, scientist say

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Only plausible explanation for mysterious Havana Syndrome that has afflicted dozens of US diplomats around the world is a WEAPON, CIA report findsA US intelligence report named pulsed electromagnetic energy and ultra...

CIA says Havana Syndrome not the result of campaign by a hostile power

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CIA says mysterious condition dubbed 'Havana Syndrome' is NOT the result of a sustained global campaign by hostile power against American citizens - but admits two dozen cases in Cuba remain unexplainedThere have bee...

Why Havana Syndrome is a ‘global experiment in mass suggestion

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All in the mind? How the mysterious Havana Syndrome is a 'global experiment in mass suggestion' and NOT targeted attacks expert claimsThere are cases across the world, but expert says it's all in the mind Targeting a...