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Check-in agent died after he was stabbed in the street, inquest hears

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'Mesmerising' Virgin Atlantic Heathrow check-in agent, 24, who was 'true epitome of beauty' died after he was stabbed in the street, inquest hearsMohammed Rafaqit Kayani, 24, was stabbed to death on August 30 in Sloug...

Body of 15-year-old girl was found after drinking, inquest hears

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Body of 15-year-old girl with ADHD was found near derelict buildings after she ran away from friends she had been drinking with, inquest hearsSeesha Dack was found dead by her friends in Newcastle on 1 September 2020 ...

BBC Three star died after overdosing, inquest hears

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BBC Three star Jasmine Burkett who appeared in dwarfism reality show Small Teen Bigger World died after overdosing on antipsychotic drug Quetiapine, inquest hearsFormer teenage reality star Jasmine Burkitt, 28, was fo...

British couple beaten to death and thrown to crocodiles, court hears

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British couple were beaten to death and their bodies thrown to crocodiles by robbers who killed them in South African nature reserve, court hearsTrial in South Africa over British couple allegedly murdered and fed to ...