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Why wearing two-inch heels can give lady’s love life a lift

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Why wearing two-inch heels can give lady's love life a lift: Small platforms help tone key muscles... but stilettos fail to have same effect, study showsShoes with two inch heels stimulates muscles that help a woman ...

Strictly speaking, AJ and Kai look like they’re head over heels!

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Strictly speaking, AJ and Kai look like they're head over heels! TV star and her professional partner put on a cosy display as they leave rehearsals following romance rumoursLatest Strictly Come Dancing 2021 news on ...

TikTok creator shares hack for wearing heels all day without any pain

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How to wear heels all day without getting sore feet: TikTok user wows followers with foot spray hack that 'numbs away pain' for HOURSHairdresser from Austin, Texas revealed a hack to numb feet while wearing heels T...

Moment woman tries to slide down a banister but goes head over heels

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One step at a time! Moment party-loving Essex girl tries to slide down the banister inside a nightclub - only to lose her balance and tumble head over heelsLayla Gray, dall'Essex, was out with friend Megan at Unit 7 ...

Renee Zellweger, 52, has fallen ‘head over heelsfor Ant Anstead

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Renee Zellweger, 52, has fallen 'head over heels' for 42-year-old British TV hunk Ant Anstead - whose love life is straight out of Bridget Jones!Renee Zellweger was spotted kissing British TV presenter in Los Angeles...

Camper are rereleasing their iconic Kobarah heels after five years

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Shoppers go wild as Camper FINALLY announces its bringing back sold-out £100 Kobarah sandals - but would YOU be able to pull off the quirky style?Inspired by cobras, shoes feature slingback design and oddly shaped bl...

LIZ JONES: Tacchi altissimi… e un omaggio alla moda a Diana

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LIZ JONES: Tacchi altissimi ... e un omaggio alla moda a Diana C'è pochissimo spazio di manovra quando si tratta di vestirsi per un funerale reale cerimoniale. Il nero è un dato di fatto, introdotto dalla regina Vittoria alla morte di A ...

Shoe addicst spends $60,000 sopra 110 pairs of designer heels

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Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out! Self-confessed shoe addict has spent $60,000 on her collection of 110 pairs of designer heels - Compreso 40 pairs of LouboutinsTara, Da New York, has dedicated a room in her hou...

Scientists say high heels really are sexy after research

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High heels really ARE sexy: Scientists say the shoes seemingly increase the length of a woman's tail bone - indicating an increase in the capability to have multiple birthsScientists say they have proof high heels ar...