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Alcuni 40 quintillion black holes make up 1% of the observable universe

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Ever wondered how many black holes there are? 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 make up 1% of the observable universe, study estimatesThis calculation comes from the International School for Advanced Studies, Italy They fac...

Il golfista dilettante festeggia l'affondamento di UNDICI buche in una in sei mesi

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Il golfista dilettante festeggia l'affondamento di UNDICI buche in una in soli sei mesi - nonostante quello che gli costa portare le birre in seguito Neil Watts, 40, di Bristol ha fatto undici buche in uno in soli sei mesi ...

Schoolboy left with holes in his bowel after swallowing magnetic toys

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Scolaro, Sette, is left with holes in his bowel and has emergency surgery to remove six magnetic toys from his stomach after accidentally swallowing themMickey Hambly was rushed to A&E by his parents with sever...

Milky Way may have a dozen supermassive black holes prowling its edges

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Hole-y moly! Milky Way could have a dozen rogue supermassive black holes prowling within it, consuming everything in their wake — but the chance Earth will encounter one is 'vanishingly small'Supermassive black holes...

Advanced alien civilizations could harvest energy from black holes

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Advanced alien civilizations could be harvesting energy from black holes using MEGASTRUCTURES called Dyson spheres, study claimsDyson spheres were first proposed as a way to better harness energy from stars This woul...

‘Supra-massivepopulation of more than 100 black holes found

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'Supra-massive' population of more than 100 black holes is discovered orbiting our own galaxy - each with a mass of about 20 times that of the Sun, study findsThe 'gang' of black holes site inside the ancient globula...

Black holes swallow neutron stars like ‘Pac-Man’, rivelano gli scienziati

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Black holes swallow neutron stars like 'Pac-Man', scientists reveal in a discovery documenting the collision of the two most extreme and enigmatic objects in the UniverseScientists have detected black holes swallowin...

Are black holes racist now too? Cornell’s new race & the cosmos course

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Now black holes in space are racist too? Cornell launches 'race and the cosmos' course to prove a connection between scientific terms and racial blackness' using music by Outkast and Janelle MonaeCornell is offering ...

Alcuni buchi neri supermassicci possono essere gli ingressi ai WORMHOLES

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Alcuni buchi neri supermassicci potrebbero essere ingressi a WORMHOLES che potrebbero trasportare veicoli spaziali in parti distanti dell'universo, astrophysicists suggestVery active galaxies with an active galactic nuclei are 'candidates...