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The physical scars of the Holocaust across Europe at abandoned sites

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The physical scars of the Holocaust: How abandoned sites across Europe remain as a reminder of how Jews were systematically murdered during WWIIPhotographer visited 130 locations in 20 countries in six years to see t...

Teacher suspended after asking kids to reenact Holocaust scene

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DC teacher is put on leave after making kids aged 8 e 9 re-enact the HOLOCAUST, with Jewish boy chosen to play Hitler and told to act out Nazi leader's suicide: Other youngsters ordered to roleplay digging of mass ...

Holocaust survivor addresses Nazi ‘secretary of evilin court

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‘She should have trouble sleeping. I know I do’: Holocaust survivor, 86, addresses trial of 96-year-old Nazi ‘secretary of evil’ accused of being accessory to more than 11,000 murders at Polish death campIrmgard Furc...

Azeem Rafiq meets Holocaust survivor

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Cricketer Azeem Rafiq meets Holocaust survivor and tours Jewish Museum in London days after he apologised for anti-Semitic slur in Facebook exchange with another playerEx-Yorkshire spin bowler Azeem Rafiq met Holocau...

Anti-vaxxer bashed after dressing like a holocaust victim

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Disgraceful moment anti-vaxxer parades through the streets dressed as a Nazi death camp inmate holding a sign comparing Covid vaccine mandates to the Holocaust - until he is bashed by an outraged womanAn anti-vaxxer ...

La sopravvissuta all'Olocausto Magda Hellinger è sopravvissuta per tre anni ad Auschwitz

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Come il coraggioso sopravvissuto all'Olocausto ha manipolato gli psicopatici nazisti più temuti, tra cui la Iena di Auschwitz e la Bestia di Belsen per salvare migliaia di donne ebree dalle camere a gas, Magda Hellinger è sopravvissuta per tre anni..

Furia per il "terapista di Hitler"’ videogioco per "banalizzare l'olocausto"’

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Tempesta di videogiochi "Il terapeuta di Hitler": Gioco di ruolo in cui i concorrenti cercano di prevenire l'Olocausto agendo come uno psicologo che cura il Fuhrer suscita indignazioneIl videogioco si chiama Heal Hitler - un gioco di parole contorto ...

First Dates Hotel viewers praise ‘braveHolocaust survivor, 83

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First Dates Hotel viewers praise 'brave' Holocaust survivor, 83, who was sent to a concentration camp aged six, but recalls escaping from the Nazis under 'dirty sheets' before hiding in a cellar for NINE monthsDorit ...

Matt Lucas will star in films to remember victims of the Holocaust

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Matt Lucas, Ronnie O'Sullivan, and Robert Peston will star in series of emotional and inspirational films to remember victims of the HolocaustFilm series 'Meet the Survivors' was made by charity March of the Living U...

Israel falls silent to remember the horrors of the Holocaust

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Israel falls silent to remember the horrors of the Holocaust: Traffic comes to a halt and families stand with heads bowed across the state to mark WWII's six million Jewish victimsThe annual memorial marks the annive...

Gina Carano says Disney planned to let her go BEFORE Holocaust post

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Fired Mandalorian star Gina Carano says 'bullying' Disney wanted her gone BEFORE she was canceled for her right-wing viewsGina Carano, 38, gave an interview to The Daily Wire set to air on Sunday Carano said she was...

Holocaust survivor gets Covid jab on same arm tattooed in Auschwitz

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Holocaust survivor, 96, gets Covid jab on same arm that was tattooed with her Auschwitz serial number 73 years after arriving in the UK as a refugeeEvelyn Lipmann, 96, arrived in Britain 73 years ago as a refugee fro...

Holocaust survivor says Kate Middleton is ‘like a normal young lady

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'Nobody would have thought she's a Duchess': Holocaust survivor, 91, says 'wonderful' Kate Middleton is 'a normal young lady' and made him feel 'like a friend' during recent video callAuschwitz - Birkenau survivor Zi...

Holocaust survivor’s artwork depicts horror of Auschwitz

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Auschwitz through a child's eye: Boy's haunting artwork depicting figures in blue-striped outfits and stickmen with guns that he painted inside Nazi death camp emerge 76 years after he survived HolocaustThomas Geve, ...

Holocaust survivor describes the ‘cloud of horror’ ad Auschwitz

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Holocaust survivor recalls the 'cloud of horror' she experienced when she learned her father had been murdered by the Nazis - and how she escaped Auschwitz because it was 'too full' on the day she arrivedNelly Ben-Or...

Holocaust Memorial Day marks 76 years since Auschwitz liberation

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The saddest of anniversaries: 76 years after Auschwitz was liberated, thousands around the world mark the day in private as Covid-19 prevents the usual large ceremoniesAuschwitz museum is holding a virtual event dedi...