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Utah hunting guide charged with illegal baiting on trip with Don Jr

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Utah hunting guide is charged with illegally baiting a bear that Don Trump Jr killed on a 2018 big game tripWade Lemon of Utah is charged with illegally baiting a bear that Trump Jr killed Charges stem from a 2018 bi...

Beroemdesveldtog om trofeejag te verbied, kan MEER diere doodmaak

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Waarom sommige natuurlewekenners vrees dat die beroemdheidsveldtog om trofeejag te verbied, eintlik MEER diere tot die dood kan veroordeel Moet jy in Chipping Norton woon, Hampstead of selfs Westminster, jy sal nie vanaand gaan slaap nie..

Prehistoric hunting pits are discovered at Stonehenge

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Prehistoric HUNTING PITS discovered at Stonehenge: Thousands of holes were dug by hunter-gatherers to catch deer and wild boar 10,000 years agoThousands of prehistoric hunting pits have been unearthed close to Stoneh...

Eton-leerlinge betoog oor vrese wat die skool die jaggemeenskap wil skrap

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Eton-skoolseuns loods protes oor vrese dat die openbare skool van £42 000 per jaar se wakker leierskap sy 160-jarige jagvereniging wil skrap..

Police hunting for Leah Croucher haven’t given up on finding her alive

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Police hunting for Leah Croucher say they haven't given up hope of finding the missing teen alive, three years after she vanishedLeah Croucher vanished from Emerson Valley, Milton keynes, in Februarie 2019 The last co...

‘I am target number one’: Zelensky says Russian kill squad hunting him

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'I am target number one': Ukraine's President Zelensky says Russian special forces kill squads are inside Kyiv and are searching for him and his family: Rages at Biden for 'abandoning' Ukraine to PutinVolodymyr Zelen...

Can an alien hunting formula help you find love?

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Can an alien hunting formula help you find love? Physicist develops a tool based on the famous 'Drake Equation' to calculate how many potential partners are out there for youThe Drake Equation was formulated to predi...

Police hunting for man accused of assaulting a woman in Manhattan

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Police are hunting for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside her Manhattan building before fleeing with her purse and cameraThe NYPD has released footage of a suspect in an attempted rape in Manhattan A...

Scottish hunting estate slapped with wildlife control ban

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Scottish hunting estate which borders the Queen's home at Balmoral is slapped with three-year wildlife control ban after a Golden Eagle is 'found poisoned' on its landThe eagle was allegedly found on Invercauld Estat...

Love Island’s villa is ‘AXED as bosses begin hunting for new location

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Love Island's famous villa is 'AXED as bosses begin hunting for new location on island of Majorca in bid to enhance show even further'Latest news and updates on all of your favourite Love Island contestants Love Isla...

Off-duty LAPD cop is shot dead in robbery while house hunting

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The couple had just crossed the street to attend a house viewing at 8700 Beach Street in Florence-Firestone, when three armed suspects drove up'Hero' off-duty LA cop, 27, is shot dead in front of his girlfriend durin...

Wit oud-balletdanser, 80, is TASERED deur polisie jag swart verdagte

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Oud-balletdanser, 80, word in sy kombuis gepeuter deur gewapende polisiebeamptes wat om 07:00 by sy huis in Londen ingebreek het op soek na 'n swart verdagte in sy 30's EKSKLUSIEF: Roy Morton, 80, van Cricklewood, is deur Londen getaser ...

Plan to solve Troubles with game hunting trip to South Africa revealed

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How to bring peace to Northern Ireland? Send Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley on a midnight hunting trip in South Africa: Officials’ bizarre plan revealedPlan to send Northern Ireland's political leaders on a 'game huntin...

Honger luiperdjagbok wat in seldsame oomblik op film gevang is

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Oomblik wat 'n honger luiperd 'n onbewuste wildsbok aanval wat in 'n Keniaanse reservaat gevang is, vasgevang in hierdie foto's. Die majestueuse dier is in Kenia op kamera vasgevang terwyl hy 'n wildsbok jag Luiperds is ongelooflik ontwykend en r ...

Woman defends hunting after she’s slammed for shooting mountain lion

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'I don't feel ANY remorse': Jagter, 46, furiously defends blood sport against critics after being slammed for killing a mountain lion and a bear - then proudly posing with her trophiesJennifer Tomsheck Hawes, 46, heen ...

Police hunting missing teenager Bobbi-Anne Mcleod, 18, find body

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Body is found in hunt for missing Bobbi-Anne McLeod: Police arrest two men after grim discovery three days after 18-year-old vanished on way to meet her boyfriend in PlymouthBobbi-Anne McLeod, 18, was reported missin...

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