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Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings family demand troops carry coffin

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'Even Jimmy Savile had a military funeral': Disgusted family of Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings demand troops carry coffin at his funeral amid growing backlash at Ministry of Defence for refusing the honourFamily o...

Family and friends of Dennis Hutchings prepare for his funeral

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Gedra deur sy kamerade op Wapenstilstandsdag: Northern Ireland veteran Dennis Hutchings' friends and family prepare to say their last goodbyes tomorrow when his coffin is held aloft by serving soldiers after MoD U-turnMr...

Dennis Hutchings partner reveals raw agony over his sudden death

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'It breaks my heart that Dennis Hutchings died before he could clear his name': The Northern Ireland veteran's partner of 26 years reveals her raw agony over his sudden and lonely death British Army Veteran Dennis Hu...

Mercer blasts MoD over betrayed soldier Dennis Hutchingsdying wish

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Johnny Mercer blasts MoD over betrayed soldier's dying wish: Friend of Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings accuses Army chiefs of 'blaming ministers' for refusing to let troops carry coffin at Armistice Day funeralMili...

Harry McCallion, a Para in Northern Ireland, on Dennis Hutchings

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A nation's dishonour: An old soldier persecuted to the end for serving us... Now HARRY McCALLION, a Para who did seven tours in Northern Ireland, asks what does such injustice say about the country we have become? Un...

Soldiers WILL carry Dennis Hutchingscoffin in MoD U-turn

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Soldiers WILL carry Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings' coffin at his funeral after MoD caves in to pressureDennis Hutchings' coffin can now be carried by serving soldiers, the MoD said The U-turn came last night when...

Dennis Hutchings spoke to the Daily Mail just hours before he died

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'As long as I get better, I'll fight on': GLEN KEOGH spoke to Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings just hours before he died. This is his remarkable accountBritish Army Veteran Dennis Hutchings, 80, died after catching ...

Bikers pay tribute to Dennis Hutchings before NI veteran’s funeral

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How YOU can follow bikers paying tribute to Dennis Hutchings: Rolling Thunder UK embark on 110-mile journey from Bristol to Plymouth ahead of Northern Ireland veteran's funeral where his coffin will be held by servin...