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Covid has ‘made us better at switching between social identities

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Working from home during the Covid pandemic has made us better at switching between different social identities, study findsPeople can switch seamlessly between different social identities, research finds These inclu...

Fury as BBC demands anti-Semitic bus attack victims reveal identities

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Fury as BBC demands teenagers who suffered anti-Semitic abuse in Oxford Street bus attack should reveal their identities before it responds to legal complaint over report suggesting victims used 'anti-Muslim slurs'Vi...

Jared Leto – Casa di Gucci. Rowling says there are ‘innumerable gender identities

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'There are innumerable gender identities': JK Rowling is forced to defend herself in new trans row after she hit back at claim on US website that she believes there are only two gendersRowling, 56, took to Twitter to...

Che personalità del denaro sei TU? L'esperto rivela le identità finanziarie

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Qual è il TUO tipo di personalità del denaro?? Esperto finanziario rivela il 6 più comuni tra cui il 'preoccupato' e il 'assumere rischi' - e come risparmiare in base a ciascunoEsperti psicologici e di risparmio hanno rivelato sei diversi ...

Justin Trudeau uses latest sexual identities acronym 2SLGBTQQIA+

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'Headbutting a keyboard is now a sexuality' Justin Trudeau is mocked for using the latest sexual identities acronym 2SLGBTQQIA+ Justin Trudeau was mocked online after using latest sexual identities acronym Canadian ...

Hackers steal identities of at least two Surfside condo victims

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Hackers steal identities of at least two Surfside condo victims and empty their bank accounts after applying for credit cards in their nameHackers have stolen identities of elderly couple who died in Surfside last mo...