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Gorgeous grade II-listed Georgian house could be yours for £225,000

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Gorgeous grade II-listed Georgian house could be yours for £225,000 but is there room to swing a cat? One of Britain's SMALLEST detached houses goes up for saleTiny property is located on the Grimston Park Estate in ...

PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Petra sells her Grade II-listed £170million home

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PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Petra and fiance Sam Palmer are selling their Grade II-listed £170million home 'off-market' with a revealing ten-minute DIY video Who lives in a mansion like this? It can only be Petra Ecclestone, ...

Charles de Gaulle’s WWII Grade II-listed home on sale for £15million

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Grade II-listed north London convent that was home to an exiled Charles de Gaulle in the Second World War goes on the market for £15millionFrognal House in Hampstead, north west London is on the market for the first ...

Second World War bunker transformed into Grade II-listed holiday home

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[object Window](raid)B&B! Second World War bunker is transformed into a stunning Grade II-listed holiday home with sea views after laying overgrown for 75 yearsA World War Two bunker is set to be turned into a holiday home with ...

Grade II-listed coffin-shaped house has sold

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You'll be dying to live here! Grade II-listed coffin-shaped house was built by a man whose father-in-law said he would rather his daughter be dead than let her marry himThe unique home in Brixham, Devon was sold for ...

Grade II-listed farmhouse owned by founder of police listed for £1.5m

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Quite an arresting property! Grade II-listed farmhouse owned by founder of the police Sir Robert Peel is for sale for £1.5millionTamhorn Park Farmhouse in Fisherwick, Staffordshire, boasts impressive five bedrooms an...