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Just Beat it! Michael Jackson impersonator takes down tourist

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Who's bad! Michael Jackson impersonator who also works as wrestler takes down man who pulled his hair on the Las Vegas stripA man dressed as Michael Jackson took down a man in a street fight with an impressive mixed ...

Tom Cruise impersonator kicked off Instagram ‘pretended to be someone

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Mission Impossible: Professional Tom Cruise impersonator is kicked off Instagram because PRETENDNG to be someone else violates sites rulesJerome LeBlanc, 33, built up his Tom Cruise lookalike business over 10 years H...

British teenager is crowned Europe’s top Elvis impersonator

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A new King is crowned! British teenager, 19, is named Europe's top Elvis impersonator - after he started mimicking the superstar at age fourEmilio Santoro of Weston-super-Mare crowned Europe's Elvis tribute champion ...

Day Elvis came THIRD in Elvis impersonator contest, Little House on the Prairie ster

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Day The King came THIRD in an Elvis impersonator contest, the Rolling Stone with more conquests than Mick Jagger and the star whose sex tape exempted him from Vietnam, as revealed in a pop obsessive's new book Pop mu...

Marylin Monroe impersonator defends big statue of icon after backlash

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Marilyn Monroe impersonator defends giant statue of star in The Seven Year Itch against claims that it 'encourages upskirting' as GMB viewers brand the suggestion 'laughable'The 26-foot-tall statue shows famous dress...

Meet 75-year-old Joe Biden impersonator Kevin Dalton

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He's been Biden his time! Meet the 75-year-old actor set to start a career impersonating Joe Biden, 79, as he becomes President - while Trump lookalike admits 'work has been very, very quiet'Brooklyn-born Kevin Dalto...

Mystery over 1993 murders of Elvis impersonator and his girlfriend

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Mystery over cold case murders of Elvis impersonator and his beauty queen girlfriend who were shot dead at their 'mini-Graceland' mansion in Vegas in 1993 but no arrests have been made 27 years onDana MacKay and Mary...