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Acquittal of black man in self-defense case counters indictment of US

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3 CASES, 3 DIFFERENT OUTCOMES: One black man was acquitted and three white men were convicted in self-defense trials complicating liberal criticism of America after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict In the aftermath of la...

Trump WON’T be charged in Manhattan DA’s first indictment

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Trump tears into 'radical left New York prosecutors' who have 'FAILED' to find a crime against him and wasted 'millions in taxpayer funds' after his lawyers said he would not be charged in Manhattan DA's first round ...

Ghislaine Maxwell has fired back about her updated indictment

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Ghislaine Maxwell slams new charges of sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking a minor as a 'shocking abuse of power' because they come so close to her trialThe British socialite accused prosecutors of 'obviou...