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Videos show prison guards in body armor beating women inmates

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New Jersey prison guards in full body armor are seen beating and pepper-spraying female inmate and dragging her from her cell in shocking newly-released videosWARNING: GRAFIESE INHOUD 90 minutes of video footage show...

Female inmates piling on so much weight they are breaking toilet seats

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Female inmates at South London prison are piling on so much weight they are breaking toilet seatsInspectors said 'large proportions' of 210 Downview inmates were 'overweight' Women are locked in for 22 ure per dag, w ...

£6million donation to prison charity will ‘quadrupleinmates training

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Hans Rausing and his wife make huge £6 million donation to prison charity which will quadruple number of inmates getting catering qualifications by end of next yearThe Clink Charity has been given £6million by the Ju...

Archeologists uncover the ‘comfortablelife of inmates at UK PoW camp

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Great Escape... from the frontline: Beer bottles, Brylcreem and a LOADED German pistol dug up at UK PoW camp shed light on the cushty and carefree lives of enemy prisonersExperts from Wessex Archaeology have revealed...

Trans YouTuber Chris Chan, 39, will be housed with women inmates

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Trans YouTuber Chris Chan, 39, is filed as female in police report and will be jailed with women inmates despite being biologically male and ‘arrested for raping dementia sufferer mother, 79’Christine Weston Chandler...

Terrorists set up prison Sharia courts and flog inmates

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Terrorists are using their 'celebrity' status in prison to set up Sharia courts and punish inmates by flogging - and make false racism and Islamophobia claims against jail staff who are too scared to put them in isol...

Gang of Rikers Island inmates filmed brutally stomping guard

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Rikers Island inmates are filmed punching, kicking and stomping on guards in violent compilation video as staff say work is 'unbearable' and Bill de Blasio is blasted for breaking promise to close infamous jailFootag...

Jail guards will be told to stop calling inmates ‘clients

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Jail guards will be told to stop calling inmates 'clients' as ministers push for end to 'wishy-washy' phrases in prisonPrison guards will be banned from describing criminals as 'clients' by the UK gov Ministers want ...

Op foto's verskyn die Tweede Wêreldoorlog Stalag Luft III-gevangenes wat sleep-dade uitvoer

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Die uiteindelike PANTOMINE: Ongegrawe foto's onthul hoe geallieerde pows ​​in die kamp Stalag Luft III drag-acties uitgevoer en sport beoefen het om perfekte gevangenes te lyk.. terwyl hulle in die geheim tonnel na hul heldhaftige Great Escape..

Three inmates indicted over the death of James ‘WhiteyBulger

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BREKENDE NUUS: Three inmates are indicted over the death of Boston Irish mob boss James 'Whitey' Bulger: Two charged with striking 89-year-old in the head while third man lied to agents over killing in West Virginia ...

Isle of Wight prison hands inmates ‘gender pronoun’ kentekens

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HMP Woke! Isle of Wight prison hands inmates 'gender pronoun' badges for Inclusion Week as locals slam jail which once housed Gary Glitter and the Kray twins for a 'stunning waste of money'HMP Isle of Wight said equa...

How Great Escape inmates acted as SPIES inside Germany

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How the Great Escape heroes worked as SPIES inside infamous camp: New documentary reveals coded letter with 'special punctuation' that was sent to UK by RAF airman and concealed top-secret tip-off about Hitler's V2 r...

Arthur’s step-mother is attacked by jail inmates throwing SALT at her

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Step-mother who murdered six-year-old Arthur whinges to prison bosses that she is being 'attacked' by jail inmates throwing SALT at herEmma Tustin, 32, was today convicted of murdering Arthur Labinjo-Hughes It has be...

Inmates ‘spike Arthur’s stepmother’s meals with SALT

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Inmates 'spike Arthur's stepmother's meals with SALT': Inmates 'take revenge by lacing her food' after tortured six-year-old's body was found to have 'off the charts' levels of sodium before he was murderedFormer cel...

28 inmates attempt to escape Ecuador prison during rival gang riots

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Oomblik 28 inmates attempt to escape Ecuador prison during rival gang riots that left two dead and 11 injuredAt least two prisoners were confirmed dead and 11 others suffered injuries during weekend riots at a prison ...

Masked criminals throw drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jail

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Moment masked criminals invade back gardens to throw packages of drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jailMasked criminals filmed throwing drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jail Residents have told how t...

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