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US intelligence: Putin will stage ‘false flagattack on his troops

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US has intelligence Putin will stage a 'false flag' attack on his OWN troops to set up a pretext to invade Ukraine after talks between the US and Russia collapsedUS official tells CNN that Russia is planning a 'false...

The best books on: Artificial intelligence

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Author Patricia Nicol reveals a selection of the best books on: Artificial intelligenceReith Lectures claims success in AI could be ‘the biggest event in human history’ AI Aidan resolves to find a colleague love in P...

Troops for Army’s elite force have to show ’emotional intelligence

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Troops for Army's new elite force will have to show 'emotional intelligence': Soldiers applying to join the Ranger Regiment will undergo two week test of their resilience, calmness and self awarenessSoldiers paid to ...

Russian diplomat connected to FSB intelligence ‘found dead in Berlin

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Russian diplomat connected to FSB intelligence is found dead 'after falling from upper window of Berlin embassy'35-year-old man found dead outside Russian embassy in Berlin on October 19 He was found at 7.20am by gu...

Is YOUR child is the class clown? It could be a sign of intelligence!

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Is YOUR child the class clown? It could be a sign of intelligence: Study finds clever youngsters are funnier than their peersResearchers found higher IQ kids made funnier jokes in a 'fill-the-gap' comic test Expert s...

Shots of Victorian crooks believed to have formed intelligence archive

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The Cockney Blinders: Rogues gallery of East End crooks in flat caps and sharp suits are believed to have formed part of early intelligence archive compiled by Victorian policeThe album, compiled by police in the lat...

La polizia lancia un'indagine dopo che un soldato dell'intelligence dell'esercito è stato trovato morto

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Police launch murder probe after soldier from top secret Army intelligence unit was found dead at his homeCaptain Chris McMahon, 40, è stato trovato morto nella sua casa di Banstead, Surrey Police have now launched a murder in...

Lloyd Austin: L'intelligence ha concluso che i talebani avrebbero preso l'Afghanistan

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La valutazione dell'intelligence prevedeva che i talebani avrebbero preso l'Afghanistan entro pochi mesi dagli Stati Uniti. ritiro: Il segretario alla Difesa Lloyd Austin contraddice i rapporti di affermazione di Biden secondo cui il governo afghano non sarebbe crollato.

Former intelligence officer comes to the rescue of Afghan interpreter

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Translator saved by the Angel of Kabul: Former intelligence officer comes to the rescue of Afghan interpreter and wins flight to freedom for family in fear for their livesPam French was on the telephone to Nawaz, 30,...

Embassy in Kabul gutted of sensitive docs and leaves intelligence void

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Last days of the US Embassy in Kabul: Nerve center of the war on terror is being gutted of all sensitive material as staff and CIA assets prepare to lower the flag and flee amid Taliban takeoverThe US Embassy in Kabu...

Covid can cause a ‘substantialdrop in intelligence, affermazioni di studio

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Covid could make you dumber: Study finds survivors who were hooked up to a ventilator in hospital lost up to seven IQ pointsScientists examined the intelligence of 81,337 Britons who took IQ tests They found people ...

Wuhan lab leak theory ‘is feasiblesays British intelligence

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Wuhan lab leak theory 'is feasible' says British intelligence as evidence mounts that Covid was engineered by Chinese scientistsIntelligence operatives are probing possibility leak in Wuhan sparked pandemic Western ...

UK intelligence ‘helping US probe theory Covid leaked from Wuhan lab

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UK intelligence 'is helping US probe theory that Covid leaked from Wuhan lab' after Biden ordered officials to 'redouble' efforts to identify origins of virusBritain's intelligence agencies are reportedly helping US ...

Harry Reid demands Senate Intelligence Committee to release UFO report

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'The American people deserve to know more': Harry Reid demands report on UFOs to be released by Senate Intelligence Committee and say's he has 'no problem' if aliens existFormer U.S. Senator Harry Reid has penned an ...

Two Russian military intelligence spies ‘promoted to work for Putin

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The two notorious Russian military intelligence spies who 'poisoned Skripals with novichok in Salisbury' are 'promoted to work for Putin as important Kremlin representatives'Two Russian spies have allegedly been prom...

L'intelligenza artificiale rivela la ricetta perfetta per i pancake

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Come preparare i pancake migliori: L'intelligenza artificiale rivela la ricetta per una pila perfetta questo martedì grasso - e afferma che solo UN flip è l'ideale La società IA afferma di aver creato "la ricetta definitiva per i pancake" per ...