Merk: Opruiming of versteuring van oorblywende kolle van reënwoudhabitat vir ontwikkeling en landbou

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Internet pioneer warns metaverse could be used to brainwash people

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Internet pioneer warns the metaverse 'has the potential to be the most dangerous technology since the invention of nuclear weapons,' and people like Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg 'could use it to brainwash whole populatio...

EE crashes leaving users across UK unable to use their mobile internet

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EE is DOWN: Network crashes leaving users across the UK unable to use their mobile internetAccording to Down Detector, the mobile network has been down since 12:56 BST The majority of users appear to be having proble...

Biden neem mors op fiets: Internet reageer met aanslag van memes

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'Perfekte metafoor vir die huidige toestand van ons land': Internet raak wild oor Joe Biden wat voor skare verslaggewers van sy fiets afval..

Internet sperm donor who fathered 15 kids ‘had inheritable condition

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Sperm donor with incurable condition who fathered 15 children to lesbian mothers then fought them for parental access is named by judge to stop more women responding to his online adsEXCLUSIVE: James MacDougall adver...

Hume Highway collision between Volkwagen and Tarago divides internet

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Dash cam video divides the internet as driver makes ill-fated attempt to push into a lane – but who do YOU think was in the wrong?Dash cam of collision on Sydney's Hume Highway sparks divided opinion Gold Volkswagen ...

Tickets for The Scousetrap! Internet jokers rename Wagatha Christie

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Get your tickets for The Scousetrap! Internet jokers rename Rebekah Vardy's High Court battle with Coleen Rooney after longest-running West End playHigh Court war of the Wags has gripped the nation due to gossip-styl...

Sokkeraanhangers wat na Liverpool kyk, veroorsaak rekordtoename in internetgebruik

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Groot internetgebruik se hoogtepunt om 21:20 gisteraand: Football fans watching Liverpool and gamers streaming Call of Duty update triggered 'record spike'Liverpool's football game against Villarreal prompted surge in internet...

Ofcom: One in three internet users can’t spot fake accounts or content

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You're not as good at spotting fake news as you think: Ofcom study shows only one in five people are able to correctly identify misinformation - en 6% believe everything they read online Ofcom has conducted three di...

The internet reacts to Will Smith’s Oscars slap

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'Me not caring about the Oscars but suddenly seeing that': The internet reacts to Will Smith's Chris Rock slap with Men In Black memory eraser memes Will Smith was the talking point of Sunday night's 94th Academy Awa...

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India will impose internet blackouts to prevent cheating

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India will impose internet blackouts with signal jammers to prevent CHEATING during school examsInternet jammers to be used near schools and exam centres in some areas Officials are hoping to prevent more screenshots...

US hacker ‘in his pyjamastakes down North Korea’s internet

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US hacker 'in his pyjamas' takes down North Korea's internet in revenge for cyber attack carried out against him by PyongyangThe hacker, who has been named only as P4x, launched repeated DDoS attacks Such attacks ove...

Want to trace the UK’s new transatlantic internet cable, Mr Putin?

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Want to trace the UK’s new transatlantic internet cable, Mr Putin? Just watch this Google videoGoogle was accused of risking national security by posting a promo video online It shows the location of a new transatl...

Here’s how to profit from the future of the internet

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Plug your portfolio into the metaverse: Here's how to profit from the future of the internet The metaverse is the future, or so Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella are convinced. So certain is Zuckerberg of the potenti...

Bug in Safari exposes usersinternet activity and personal data

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Apple says it's 'working on a fix' for 'serious' bug in Safari browser that exposes users' internet activity and personal data to sites like Google and YouTubeA bug has been found in Apple's Safari 15 that exposes us...

Rich Kids of the Internet splash the cash

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No Covid Christmas blues here! Rich Kids show that Omricon isn't affecting their festive plans as they fly on private jets and take lavish trips in the Maldives and DubaiMany Brits are staying home and saving cash in...

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