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Aston Martin may ask investors for more cash for fourth time

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Top City analyst says car firm Aston Martin may have to tap shareholders for fresh funds for a fourth time Luxury car firm Aston Martin Lagonda may have to tap shareholders for fresh funds for a fourth time, a top Ci...

Chinese investors threat to £2bn Playtech takeover

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Chinese investors threat to £2bn Playtech takeover: Regulator asked to step in as tycoons buy shares in the gambling software specialist The takeover of Playtech could be derailed by Asian investors snapping up share...

Everyday investors can now bet on Cathie WoodsArk funds

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UK investors will now be able to access Cathie Wood and Warren Buffet’s funds for the first time Leverage Shares today launches 42 new exchange-traded products (ETPs) Everyday investors can now bet against Cathie Wo...

Where are the best cities for buy-to-let investors?

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Britain's best cities for buy-to-let investors revealed: Bristol takes top spot to knock Manchester off its perchBristol, Cambridge and Oxford named best cities for landlords to invest in Southern cities dominate th...

Ozy Media shuts down leaving investors out $70M

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Downfall of a digital darling: Ozy Media shuts down leaving investors including Steve Jobs' widow out $70M following revelations about the company's lies and hypeOzy Media's board of directors said late Friday the co...

Investors shrug off BoE Governor’s suggestion of early rate hike

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Interest rates 'very unlikely to go up this year': Investors say it would need a big inflation shock for the Bank of England to hit the economy with higher borrowing costsAndrew Bailey said the BoE could move to hike...

MARKVERSLAG: Melrose investors cheer £729m payout

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MARKVERSLAG: Melrose investors cheer £729m payout after turnaround specialist plugs £1bn hole in GKN pension scheme Turnaround specialist Melrose received a boost as investors welcomed plans for a multi-million-pou...

Deliciously Ella founders buy out ALL of their investors

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And the new owners are... VSA! Deliciously Ella founders Ella and Matthew Mills reveal they've made 'daunting' decision to buy out ALL of their investors so they can make the plant-based brand a 'family business'Ella ...

BP investors are set for £4bn payout as the price of oil rallies

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BP investors are set for a £4bn payout as the price of oil ralliesThe energy giant is going to raise its payout by 4% and buy back a further £1bn of its own stock by November It swung to a profit of £2 billion in th...

Investors can cash inas house prices go through the roof

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House prices have gone through the roof in the past year, increasing by nearly 11% - and investors can cash in House prices have increased by nearly 11 per cent in the past year – fuelled primarily by the stamp duty ...

Investors needn’t panic over inflation but dividends offer protection

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Investors needn't panic over inflation but reinvested dividends have a history of boosting returns - whether prices run away or not, says ADRIAN LOWERY Inflation is the topic du jour in global markets and investing. ...

Equity vultures prey on elderly: ministers urged to stop investors

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Equity vultures prey on the elderly: Ministers face calls to rein in investors who take profits at the expense of care home residentsPrivate investors buying into care sector should have to undergo quality tests Jere...

Chinese beleggers bestee £ 134 miljard aan Britse bates’

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Hoe Beijing besig is om Brittanje op te koop: Chinese beleggers het £ 134 MILJARD aan Britse bates, insluitend infrastruktuur, bestee, privaatskole en FTSE 100 Chinese beleggers het 'n belang in belangrike infrastruktuurondernemings soos ...

Deel, Beleggings van Bitcoin en eiendom word ondervind deur belastingkantore

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Waarom die aandelemark speel, om Bitcoin te koop of 'n huis te verkoop, kan u in die moeilikheid stel met die belastingkantoor - hier is hoe om seker te maak dat u nie steek nie. Die Australiese Belastingkantoor slaan diegene wat voordeel trek uit:.

Kan beleggers dit bekostig om China te ignoreer ten spyte van sy rekord van menseregte??

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Sou jy jou geld op rooi sit? China het die eerste Covid -uitbraak beleef en het 'n vreeslike menseregterekord.. maar dit is steeds die tweede grootste ekonomie ter wêreld.China is nooit ver van kontroversie nie en word beskou as 'n groot probleem..

FTSE 100 beleggers verwelkom Rishi Sunak se begroting versigtig

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Londense markte bevorder die kanselier se begroting: FTSE styg 0.8% of 53 aan 6,667 punte as Rishi Sunak 'n kontantverhoging van £ 407 miljard belowe om die ekonomie wat deur Covid getref is, te help 100 indeks van UK se voorste maatskappye op 0.8% of 53 punte op 6,6...

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