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Elegance coach reveals how ‘unattractive ladiescan be irresistible

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Elegance coach reveals how even 'unattractive ladies' can become irresistible - from NEVER chasing a man to avoiding 'negative' gossip and drama in conversationsAnna Bey, who lives in Geneva, prova i fucili 984,000 subs...

The Vogue model and trans trailblazer men found irresistible

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The Vogue model and trans trailblazer who men found irresistible: April Ashley, chi è morto invecchiato 86, bewitched Elvis, Omar Sharif and Michael Hutchence after escaping a violent childhood to become a courageous pione...

Elegance coach: These body language tips will make you irresistible

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Body language secrets to make YOU irresistible to men: Elegance coach says to cross your feet when sitting, touch your neck and never rush if you want to 'capture their attention'Elegance coach Anna Bey runs online-b...