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Ex-party girl, 27, reveals Islam pulled her from a ‘dark place

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Party girl, 27, who felt 'suicidal' after nights drinking until 5am reveals her 'life was saved' when she converted to Islam and chose to throw away racy clothes, remove her false nails and delete saucy social media ...

Aktar Islam reveals how his mental health was devastated by employee

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Saturday Kitchen's Aktar Islam slams' 'selfish' pregnant employee who wrongly accused him of unfair dismissal - forcing him to close his restaurant and pay £51,000 in legal defence costsEXCLUSIVE: Aktar Islam has sla...

Paris mayor AGREES with military chiefs who warned of radical Islam

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Paris mayor says she AGREES with military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country and warned of the 'disintegration' of France - as 18 of the officers are firedEighteen serving officers who signed lette...

Five arrested over threats against French teenager who insulted Islam

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Five people are arrested over death threats made to French teenager who sparked outrage by saying 'Islam is a s**t religion'The girl, known as Mila, said Islam is 'a s*** religion' and the Koran is 'full of hate' She...

Teen who called Islam a ‘s**treligion gets 30 hate messages a MINUTE

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French teenager who was forced to quit school when she received death threats after claiming Islam is a 's**t' religion still gets 30 hate messages a MINUTE a year on and is now in hiding17-year-old, known only as Mi...