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Woman jailed for five years for 10 false rape claims against two men

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Woman is jailed for more than five years for making 10 false rape claims against two different men who were able to prove they weren't even in the areaCathy Richardson, 35, from Essex, made 10 false rape claims agains...

Iranian woman jailed after eating breakfast without headscalf

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Iranian woman pictured eating breakfast without a headscarf is arrested and thrown into jail that held Nazanin Zaghari-RatcliffeThe image was posted on Donya Rad's Twitter and spread across social media She has since ...

Lodger jailed after attacking landlady in Psycho-style knife frenzy

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Lodger, 49, who attacked her terrified landlady in Psycho-style knife frenzy is jailed for more than four yearsRaquel Villa-Rodriguez jailed for four-and-a-half years for attacking landlady The 49-year-old grabbed th...

Beatle-lookalike eco protester who disrupted football game is jailed

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In chokey: Eco protester, 21, is jailed for six weeks for tying his neck to the goalposts during Everton's Premier League match against NewcastleJohn Lennon-lookalike eco-fanatic Louis McKechnie has been jailed He sto...

Arsonist who blew up his ex-girlfriend’s garden shed is jailed

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Arsonist, 35, who blew up his ex-girlfriend's garden shed while she was home with her children after furious bust-up is jailed for three years and two monthsTyrone Ludlow was captured on footage at his victim's home c...