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Sarah Jessica Parker kisses Jon Tenney on the And Just Like That set

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Has Carrie FINALLY moved on from Mr Big? Sarah Jessica Parker shares steamy smooch with Jon Tenney filming SATC reboot after claims husband would be killed off (but she's still got her ring on!)Sarah, 56, kissed co-s...

Wine company backed by Sarah Jessica Parker to launch airline

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Wine company backed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Graham Norton to launch airline in New Zealand that promises 'business class in every glass'Invivo is launching Invivo Air in early 2022, flying from Auckland to Queens...

Jessica Maiolo removed from Team USA Paintball for ‘fat-shamingteen

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Jessica Maiolo is booted from Team USA Paintball for fat-shaming overweight teen in hospital with COVID and saying he doesn't need a vaccine, he 'needs a f***ing treadmill'Jessica Maiolo, 31, has been kicked off Team...

The Eyes Of Tammy Faye review: Jessica Chastain is award-worthy

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It's no surprise Jessica Chastain's high-octane acting in The Eyes Of Tammy Faye has received nominations, but the film still has its shortcomings The Eyes Of Tammy Faye ...

Jessica Brown Findlay in polka-dot dress made of recycled polyester

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Opgemerk! Giggling ‘Lady Sybil’ Jessica Brown Findlay in an H&M black and white polka-dot dress made of recycled polyesterThe 32-year-old was spotted wearing the eye catching dress filming in Bristol The dress was av...

Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica named to Olympic equestrian team

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Born in the U.S.A.! Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica is named to Team USA's equestrian team at the OlympicsFind out the latest Tokyo Olympic news including schedule, medal table and results right here Bruce Sprin...

Jessica Chastain lyk tipies stylvol by die Venesiese rolprentfees

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Venesiese filmfees 2021: Leggy Jessica Chastain makes a typically stylish arrival in a white lace co-ord and matching heels for the Scenes From A Marriage photocall She's known for her very memorable red carpet loo...

Kylie Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, en Zendaya slaan die Met Gala oor

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Waarom IS so baie begin die Met Gala mis? Kylie Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, en Nicki Minaj hooflys van A-listers wat na Anna Wintour se COVID-veilige geleentheid oorslaan - waar alle gaste volledig ingeënt moet wees en ...

Jessica Simpson shares unflattering photo to mark four years sober

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'I didn't love myself... today I do': Jessica Simpson, 41, shares 'unrecognizable' photo taken four years ago before she got soberMovie star and fashion designer Jessica Simpson got sober four years ago She had been ...

Jessica Mulroney onthul sy het 'volle plekomgewing'’ van plate

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Meghan Markle's BFF Jessica Mulroney reveals she has 'full place setting' from designer who sells plates featuring the Queen and Prince Philip with the words 'Hail Satan'Meghan Markle's BFF Jessica Mulroney, 40, van...

Sarah Jessica Parker’s new ‘Carrie dresssends fans into meltdown

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OMG, SJP! Even before it has appeared on our screens, Sarah Jessica Parker's new 'Carrie dress' sends Sex And The City fans into global meltdown With its skin-clinging curves, sexy one-shoulder style and delicate pow...

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