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Kate Bush jokes ‘whole world’s gone madStranger Things song hits No1

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'The whole world's gone mad!' Kate Bush admits she 'never imagined' her 1985 song Running Up That Hill would be a number one hit after THAT Stranger Things episode as she gives rare interviewThe song originally reach...

Alan Titchmarsh jokes about Tom Cruise being face of ITV Jubilee gala

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Once billed as the star of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration, veteran TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh jokingly brushes off being replaced by Tom Cruise as the face of ITV's Jubilee galaThe TV gardener and Hollywoo...

Gogglebox se Ellie Warner maak grappies oor trouplanne met Nat Eddleston

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Gogglebox se Ellie Warner maak grappies oor 'haelgeweer troue' planne met Nat Eddleston terwyl sy terugkeer na haar kêrel se gru motorongeluk Gogglebox se Ellie Warner het bespreek oor haar en Nat Eddleston se troue p..

Gaste stap uit die sokker-toekenningseremonie oor 'seksistiese grappies'’

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Gaste stap uit die Skotse sokker-toekenningseremonie wat sir Alex Ferguson vereer het oor 'seksistiese, rassistiese en homofobiese grappies gemaak deur hoofspreker'Gaste het uit 'n Skotse sokker-toekenningseremonie in Glasg gestap..

Cumberbatch maak grappies oor 'geklop' wees’ deur Will Smith by Oscars op SNL

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'Ek is deur Will Smith geslaan... fisies nie!' Benedict Cumberbatch maak grappies oor die verlies teen Will Smith by die Oscars in SNL-monoloog Cumberbatch, 45, het geskerts oor hoe mense op die program blykbaar hom nie buite ken nie...

Boris jokes about Partygate as he buries the hatchet with Tory MPs

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Boris Johnson cracked gags about Partygate letters as he buries the hatchet with the rebellious Tory MPs who were plotting to oust himThe Prime Minister attempted to repair ties with Tories with a lavish dinner The e...

SARAH VINE: I know the torment of cruel hair loss ‘jokes

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SARAH VINE: I know the torment of cruel hair loss 'jokes'... Bald women are generally considered an abomination Alopecia is a depressing condition to live with, and I should know: my hair has been falling out since I...

MailOnline takes a look at Chris Rock’s most controversial jokes

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Chris Rock's most controversial jokes: As the comedian is SLAPPED by Will Smith at the Oscars for poking fun at wife Jada's alopecia, MailOnline takes a look at the star's most shocking remarks from 'Asian discrimina...

'Rusland ontslaan een van sy eie generaals, 'Rusland ontslaan een van sy eie generaals’ 'Rusland ontslaan een van sy eie generaals

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'Rusland ontslaan een van sy eie generaals. 'Rusland ontslaan een van sy eie generaals.

Mike Tindall jokes about being the ‘ugly’ podcaster

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Mike Tindall says it's difficult for rugby stars to 'transition to civilian life' when they retire because they have to 'start at the bottom' after being cheered by thousands of fans, as he discusses his podcast on T...

Potential buyer jokes whoever wrote property listing has ‘lost it

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Potential buyer is left baffled by £185,000 one-bedroom property in Sheffield with its own 'private compact courtyard garden that's barely the size of a shower cubicleTwitter user Luke Neve was amused by one-bedroom ...

Gelukkig om daar te wees’

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Gelukkig om daar te wees.

Butler jokes his job is like taking care of pigs

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Butler to couple living at 17th century Renishaw Hall jokes looking after posh people is just like taking care of pigs because 'you feed them when they're hungry and clean up their mess' in Keeping Up With The Aristo...

Prue Leith slammed by eating disorder campaigners over ‘calorie’ grappies

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'I don't know why I say it!': Prue Leith says 'perhaps' she'll stop joking about calories on GBBO after being slammed by eating disorder campaignersGreat British Bake Off presenter Prue Leith, 81, previously praised ...

Rees-Mogg jokes about Downing Street Christmas Party

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'This party is not going to be investigated by the police': Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg jokes about illicit Downing Street party at think tank gathering days before bombshell video was releasedCommons leader laughed abo...

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