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Mahrez’s ex says Kane’s wife ‘had lucky escapeover failed City move

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Riyad Mahrez's ex says Harry Kane's wife 'had a lucky escape' over his failed Man City move as she claims the pressures of playing for the club caused the breakdown of their marriage and 'changed' her husbandHarry Ka...

Harry Kane’s wife Kate dedicates emotional letter to football captain

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'I used to laugh when you said you'd be England captain one day': Harry Kane's 'proud' wife Katie pens letter to the footballer ahead of Euro 2020 showdown against Italy Harry Kane's wife Kate has penned an emot...

Harry Kane’s wife can’t get any closer to her hero than Danish defence

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Why Harry Kane's wife can't get any closer to her hero than the Danish defence: England ace scored winner in tense semi-final... but after five weeks, Covid bubble means this is as near as he can get to his beloved K...

Alan Shearer questions Harry Kane’s sharpness during Germany clash

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Alan Shearer believes Harry Kane's first Euro 2020 goal can 'ignite' England talisman's tournament after he nods home crucial second against Germany at Wembley... having missed 'sitter' in first-half during last-16 t...