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Have we cast off Covid curbs too late, asks Professor KAROL SIKORA

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It wasn't luck but good judgment that has let us cast off Covid curbs... but have we have already left it too late, asks Professor KAROL SIKORA Britain now faces what might be the most difficult moment of the pandemi...

KAROL SIKORA warns thousands will die to cancer without urgent action

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We've fought Covid... now we need a national effort to beat cancer: PROF KAROL SIKORA warns 'time is running out' to stop thousands unnecessarily dying from disease and pandemic has 'devastated' UK's progress ...

This is the year we come out of Covid, writes Professor KAROL SIKORA

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This is the year we come out of Covid... only fear will stop Britain from putting the virus behind us now, writes Professor KAROL SIKORA Allow me to make two bold predictions: this is the year we come out of Covid – ...

Professor KAROL SIKORA: ‘Protect the NHScould be a harmful slogan

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I fear 'Protect the NHS' could turn out to be one of the most harmful slogans in history, writes Professor KAROL SIKORA Perhaps the most dangerous three words in the English language are 'Protect the NHS'. Dopo 18 ...