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Queen's Guardsman bussa bambino

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'Fai strada!' Moment Queen's Guardsman flattens child who stepped into his path at the Tower of LondonYoung child is knocked to the ground by a member of the Queen's Guard The Guardsmen had been doing patrol when chil...

Couple’s car date disaster as they knock handbrake and FLIP over car

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Frisky couple’s car date turns into disaster as they knock the handbrake while in the throes of passion and FLIP their Toyota YarisThe couple had parked up in an 'undisclosed location' in Derbyshire, police said They...

Doormen knock pubgoer out cold after throwing him out of pub

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Sickening moment doormen knock pubgoer out cold by kicking him in the HEAD after throwing him out of pubVideo footage shows two doormen appear to knock a pubgoer out cold in Essex The incident is believed to have occ...

Boris Johnson should ‘knock heads together’, says Mark Francois

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Boris Johnson should 'knock heads together' to push through law to save Northern Ireland veterans from threat of prosecution, says Mark FrancoisMark Francois addressed Commons during reading of the Armed Forces Bill ...

Could a one-hour facelift knock years off your appearance?

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The one-hour face lift that cured my lockdown chin: Madre, 45, who hated the jowls she developed despite not gaining weight has threads put in her cheeks to sculpt her jawlineNilufer Atik, 45, a London writer, belie...

Egg experiment explains why rotating uppercut punches knock boxers out

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Egg experiment reveals what happens to your brain when you get hit in the head - and may explain why 'rotating' uppercut punches knock boxers outEgg yolks are bathed in liquid egg white and surrounded by a hard shell...