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Op die foto: Die wêreld se grootste drinkglaspiramide

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Verstommende 27 voet hoë toring by Dubai hotel gemaak van 54,740 Champagne-koepees eis Guinness Wêreldrekord vir die wêreld se grootste drinkglaspiramide Die piramide het die vorige Guinness Wêreldrekordtitel van 50...

Top Britse TV oomblikke van 2021: Vanoggend se 'grootste penis’ onthul

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Die top Britse TV-oomblikke van 2021: TV-aanhanger wie se jaarlikse lys 'n virale treffer is, kies Vanoggend se skokkende 'grootste penis' onthulling, ITV se skreeusnaakse 'milkshake-tekort'-verslag en Linda Robson se vuilbek lewendige blunder..

Massachusetts bakes world’s largest cannabis infused brownie

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That'll cure the munchies! Massachusetts cannabis dispensary bakes world's largest cannabis brownie that measures 3ft by 3ft and is filled with 20,000 milligrams of THCThe sweet treat was presented on National Browni...

World’s largest lab-grown steak weighs nearly four ounces

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World's largest lab-grown steak weighing nearly four ounces that was 3D printed from real bovine cells which matured into fat and muscle is unveiled by Israeli firmThe steak weighs 3.67 ounces and is made from real f...

World’s largest pterosaur jumped in the air to fly, studie bevind

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Mystery of how Earth's largest flying reptile got off the ground is finally solved: Pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus JUMPED at least 8ft into the air before sweeping its 40ft wings, study findsResearchers studied fossils fou...

Loss of the world’s largest animals triggered more grassland FIRES

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Extinctions of the world’s largest animals including woolly mammoths, giant bison and ancient horses triggered dramatic increases in grassland FIRES, study findsResearchers led from Yale University compiled a list of...

More than a MILLION Rohingya live in world’s largest refugee camp

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The world's largest migrant camp: More than a MILLION Rohingya refugees live in makeshift homes spread across five square miles in Bangladesh after fleeing oppression in MyanmarRohingya are a Muslim ethnic group, mor...

XR plans ‘largest act of civil resistance in UK history’ in 2022

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Extinction Rebellion say they will mobilise 2MILLION protestors to take part in 'largest act of civil resistance in UK history' starting in AprilExtinction Rebellion says it wants to recruit 3.5% of UK population to ...

Kyk eers in Somnio – die wêreld se grootste seiljag

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Kyk eers binne-in die wêreld se grootste seiljag: Renderings show stunning interiors of 'floating condo' that will offer the super-rich £8million ultra-luxury onboard homesThe 500million-euro (£430 miljoen/$600 miljoen) 'ya...

China now has the world’s largest navywith carrier set for launch

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China now has the world's largest navy - with another new high-tech aircraft carrier set to be launched by FebruaryBeijing has 'numerically largest navy in the world with an battle force of around 355 vaartuie,' Penta...

How Scotland’s largest Pictish settlement looked in 1000 AD

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Step inside a 1,000-year-old Scottish fort! Incredible 3D reconstruction reveals what Scotland’s largest Pictish settlement would have looked like in its primeExperts led from the University of Aberdeen have brought ...

How Scotland’s largest Pictish settlement looked in 1000 AD

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Step inside a 1,000-year-old Scottish fort! Incredible 3D reconstruction reveals what Scotland’s largest Pictish settlement would have looked like in its primeUniversity of Aberdeen-led experts have brought Burghead ...

Treasure hunters believe they are close to ‘world’s largesthoard

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Treasure hunters believe they're 'yards away' from finding '£15billion hoard' they've spent three decades searching for in Finland... despite no evidence it exists other than the claim of a 'mystic'The 'Temple Twelve...

Climate change ‘could DEVASTATE the world’s largest economic powers

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Climate change could DEVASTATE the world's largest economic powers including the UK, US and Germany by 2050 if no action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, report warnsClimate change could devastate the wor...

Los Angeles announces largest guaranteed income program in the US

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LA will pay $1,000 'no-strings attached' monthly universal basic income to 3,000 families suffering hardship due to COVID in largest guaranteed income program in USBIG:LEAP, or Basic Income Guaranteed: Los Angeles Ec...

Before and after photos at America’s largest reservoir Lake Mead

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Disturbing before and after photos show how drought has caused water levels to drop by 140 feet at America's largest reservoir Lake Mead – which supplies water to 40m people - leaving it at just 35% capacity A histor...

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