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US press lashes Biden after press conference to mark a year in office

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Normally-supine media lashes Biden for bumbling press conference: Washington Post says he 'escalated partisan rhetoric', Wall Street Journal calls it a failure and CNN's Dana Bash says staff will now have to clean up...

Ice and flood warnings as Storm Barra lashes Britain

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Last blast of Storm Barra! Ice and flood warnings as tail of 1,000-mile wide tempest lashes Britain with 80mph gales and heavy rain - as 3,200 homes are left without power in wake of 'weather bomb'Met Office issues f...

Vaccine mastermind lashes out at Boris Johnson’s Cabinet over Covid

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Covid vaccine mastermind Kate Bingham blasts ministers' lack of science knowledge warning it could hinder the fight against the next pandemic - as she warns senior Civil Service ranks are similarly 'dominated by hist...

Woman said she had a severe allergic reaction to her lashes extension

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Vrou, 25, reveals how severe allergic reaction to lash extensions left her unable to see and fearing she'd permanently damaged her eyesJessica Shannon, 25, suffered severe allergic reaction to her Russian lashes J...

China lashes out at US over ‘fake newsahead of Covid origins report

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China lashes out at US over ‘fake news’ ahead of key intelligence report into Covid origins demanded by Joe BidenBeijing officials demanded Washington opens US military lab for public scrutiny It is understood that U...

Shoppers are obsessed with this serum that promises gorgeous lashes

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Shoppers are going crazy for this serum that promises to lengthen your lashes in WEEKS - and the before and after photos speak for themselvesA brand selling eyelash serums that transform lashes can't stop selling out...

Rimmel London mascara that will add volume and length to your lashes

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Make-up fans are obsessed with this £2.44 Rimmel London mascara that will add both volume and length to your lashes - AND it promises to stay put for a whole day Products featured in this Mail Best article are indepe...

Trump slaan die Britse Ope uit wat sy Skotse gholfbaan omseil het

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'Ek is te kontroversieel!': Trump hou van organiseerders van die Britse Ope-gholftoernooi omdat hulle nie die kompetisie op sy Skotse baan aangebied het nie. Die voormalige president Trump het Saterdag 'n verklaring uitgereik waarin hy gesê het dat ...

Moment woman passes out in pain after receiving 100 wimpers

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Moment woman passes out in pain after receiving 100 lashes for having pre-marital sex under Sharia law punishment handed out in Indonesian provinceThe woman was shown collapsing in a video after being flogged as a pu...

Sarah Palin slaan Martin Bashir oor sy 'onetiese gedrag’

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Sarah Palin wimpers skande Prinses Diana-onderhoudvoerder Martin Bashir oor sy 'onetiese gedrag' - agt jaar nadat die joernalis die voormalige goewerneur van Alaska as 'n 'wêreldklas-idioot' bestempel het, en MSNBC, die voormalige goef, moes ophou.

Ex-civil service chief lashes Boris Johnson over £58,000 flat refurb

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Ex-civil service chief lashes Boris Johnson over £58,000 Downing St flat renovation saying it is 'very late' to declare 'Tory donation' - amid warnings PM could face 'serious sanction' for failing to register loanPM ...

Groomer often asked if 10-month-old cockapoo is wearing false lashes

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Puppy hond EYELASHES! 10-month-old Cockerpoo melts hearts with natural lashes that are so long strangers think they're fakeChloe Shaw, 20, van Essex, owns adorable 10-month-old cockapoo named Walt Professional dog gr...

Aardwurms styg uit vloedwater terwyl reën met Queensland wimpers

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Giant earthworms are spotted rising from the floodwaters as torrential rain continues to lash Australia and wreak havoc on wildlifeThe massive earthworms are rarely spotted as they prefer to live underground Recent r...

Couples receive 20 lashes of the cane in Indonesian Sharia law region

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Couples are punished with 20 lashes of the cane for having sex outside marriage in Indonesian region governed under Sharia lawFour couples were punished in Aceh on Monday after they were caught having sex outside of ...

Alex Salmond lashes out at Nicola Sturgeon for ‘astonishing’ aanvalle

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Alex Salmond lashes out at Nicola Sturgeon for 'astonishing' attacks on him as he kicks off bombshell evidence session amid brutal SNP civil war over whether she broke ministerial codeThe former First Minister Alex S...

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene lashes out The Lincoln Project

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QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lashes out at The Lincoln Project, branding anti-Trump group 'traitors' and 'Biden's little tool' after they blasted GOP leader Kevin McCarthyCongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene fir...

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