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Does Aston Martin F1 Vantage lead the pack? We try its latest model

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Does Aston Martin's latest car lead the pack? The new Vantage is based on F1's safety car - and you'll need an elite racer's salary to afford its £140k price It’s a curious thing, but the moment I eased myself behind...

BBC chief faces MPs over latest Martin Bashir row

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BBC chief faces MPs over latest Martin Bashir row as corporation is accused of not making proper search for a murdered schoolgirl's bloodied clothingBBC accused of not making proper search for schoolgirl’s bloodied c...

Killing Old People is the latest offering from creator of Squid Games

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Thought Squid Game was twisted? Creator of the gory hit is writing a new film called Killing Old People Club - and says it will be even MORE violent than the Netflix seriesHwang Dong-hyuk's latest film has the workin...

Eco-mob block Essex oil refinery as they launch latest day of protests

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Eco-mob block Essex oil refinery as they launch 12th day of action: Just Stop Oil member clambers onto fuel truck as more activists glue hands to roadThe group have launched a protest in Purfleet, Essex, with police ...

Student, 18, fears she is latest nightclub needle attack victim

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Student, 18, fears she has become latest nightclub needle attack victim after waking up in club toilet to find huge BITE MARK on her armHattie Brown blacked out during night out with friends in Fever nightclub, Devon...

PLATINUM JUBILEE REGstreeks: Kry al die jongste nuus en opdaterings hier

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PLATINUM JUBILEE REGstreeks: Queen enjoys a giggle with Australians in video call as Charles and William prepare to pay tribute to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace concert tonight and Harry and Meghan set to celebrate Lili...

Tiny toddler among latest boatload of migrants to arrive in Dover

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Tiny toddler is among up to 40 migrants to arrive in Dover on three boats after dangerous Channel crossing in search of better life in UKSome 30 aan 40 migrants are believed to have made 21-mile crossing on Saturday ...

Thief with 200 previous convictions is SPARED jail after latest crime

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Lifelong thief with 200 previous convictions over nearly 50 years is SPARED JAIL for his latest offence amid new 'soft justice' rowLifelong thief was spared jail after committing his 201st crime over five decades Rec...

Trump mocks Biden’s latest gaffe and lauds his rapport with Xi Jinping

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Trump mocks Biden for calling Kamala Harris the 'president' and lauds his relationship with Xi Jinping before being shut down by Fox News' Maria Bartiromo who calls the Chinese leader a 'killer'Donald Trump sat down ...

ABBA’s latest comeback track reaches Number 59 on the UK charts

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ABBA's latest comeback track reaches number 59 on the UK charts despite landing in the Top 20 on airplay - after band announced their new album Voyage is their last ABBA's latest comeback track landed at Number 59 Dit is die arme koningin wat deur prins Harry se drama gestraf word.

Ons het net gekloek! Die A-lys se jongste obsessie

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Ons het net gekloek! Die A-lys se jongste obsessie Van koninklikes tot bekendes, enige iemand wat iemand is, hou henne aan. En, ontdek Stuart Heritage, dis nie net vir hul eiers nie... 'n Paar weke gelede, by die ...

Latest trailer for Harry and Meghan movie leaves viewers cringing

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'Melodramatic' trailer for Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace is slammed as 'a load of old codswallop' by unimpressed viewers as the 'Z-listers' playing the Queen and Kate are unveiledLifetime released a new trailer...

Jeff Bezos’ property empire worth almost $600m with latest purchase

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GEOPENBAAR: Jeff Bezos' property empire is now worth almost $600m after he bought 14 mansions over 23 years with his latest purchase in Hawaii setting him back $78mAmazon founder Jeff Bezos' real estate portfolio grew ...

Latest Queensland Health message urges state’s residents to masturbate

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Queensland Health issues remarkable message urging the state's residents to masturbateQueensland Health urges residents to masturbate in new public health message The latest announcement took social media users by su...

Latest in home workout tech is a talking looking glass

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fittest of them all? The very latest in home workout tech is a talking looking glass to put you through your pacesValerie Bures-Bonstrom, 42, is founder of interactive ‘fitness m...

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