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Dubai’s princess Latifa posts video of tigers mauling a stray kitten

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One TOUGH little kitty! Stray kitten is mauled by TIGERS after wandering into their enclosure - but is saved by zookeepers and will now be adopted by Dubai's Princess LatifaPrincess Latifa posted footage of kitten be...

How the FBI helped Dubai’s leader find his daughter Princess Latifa

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'They believed they were saving the day': How Dubai 'tricked the FBI into helping them find runaway Princess Latifa by telling them she'd been kidnapped so they'd pinpoint the yacht she was hiding on and deliver her ...

Third photo of Princess Latifa appears in three days

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Third photo of Princess Latifa appears in three days after the kidnapped daughter of Dubai's billionaire ruler is freed from 'villa prison' A new photo appearing to show Princess Latifa has appeared online The photo ...

Fresh picture emerges of Dubai’s Princess Latifa sitting in restaurant

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Fresh pictures emerge of Princess Latifa sitting in restaurant as proof that Dubai ruler's kidnapped daughter is still alive three years after she disappeared from public viewA second photo of Princess Latifa al Makt...

Prinses Latifa smeek die Britse polisie om ondersoek in te stel na suster Shamsa

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'Kidnapped' Dubai Princess Latifa sends handwritten note to UK police begging them to reopen abduction probe into older sister Shamsa - meer as 20 years after she was snatched on Cambridge street and flown to UAEDu...

Friend of Dubai’s missing Princess Latifa makes plea to the Queen

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Missing Princess Latifa's best friend writes a letter pleading with The Queen to help free Dubai ruler's 'captive' daughterTiina Jauhiainen pleaded with the Queen to use' whatever influence she has Princess not seen ...

Haunting videos recorded by Dubai Princess Latifa

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'I'm a hostage': Haunting videos recorded by Dubai Princess Latifa al Maktoum in ‘villa jail’ after she was kidnapped by her father's henchmen following failed attempt to escape kingdom by jet skiLatifa, 34, describe...