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Lawyer dating Johnny Depp pictured smiling with him two years ago

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EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer in 'serious' relationship with Johnny Depp was spotted smiling and chatting with the star during his High Court libel battle more than two years agoJoelle Rich, 37, was spotted chatting with Johnny D...

Johnny Depp is ‘seriously datinglawyer Joelle Rich

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'They're the real deal': Johnny Depp is 'seriously dating' British lawyer who represented him in 2020 libel trial, works for Prince Harry and Meghan's law firm, and is going through divorce from the father of her two ...

Johnny Depp and libel lawyer appeared close during defamation trial

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EXCLUSIVE: Photos show budding romance between Johnny Depp and his libel lawyer girlfriend during his defamation trial in Virginia in APRIL - as it's revealed the two are now seriously can confirm ...

JK Rowling’s lawyer friend Allison Bailey resumes Stonewall battle

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JK Rowling's lesbian lawyer friend Allison Bailey resumes legal battle with Stonewall as she appeals tribunal's decision to dismiss her discrimination claim against charity in row over trans policiesAllison Bailey cla...