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Cop ‘wore PD hoodie to riot at US Capitol while on SICK LEAVE

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Chicago cop 'took part in US Capitol riot wearing hoodie emblazoned with PD logo while on sick leave - and texted friend to share his shock that "so many blacks" were there,' investigators sayKarol J Chwiesiuk was ar...

Polisieman in Ohio met verlof nadat beeldmateriaal van haar aanranding vrygelaat is

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Polisiebeampte in Ohio word met verlof geplaas nadat die beeldmateriaal van haar kamera gewys het hoe sy 'n slagoffer doodgery het, 42, wat later dood is, het die amptenaar Amanda Rosales Sondagaand 'n gewonde man in 'n straat geslaan toe hy gereageer het op berigte oor 'n sjo..

Miscarriage leave for NSW government workers in Australia-first move

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Parents will get five days off work to grieve the loss of their unborn child after a miscarriage under Australia-first moveAny public sector employee will be entitled to five days leave if they miscarry Treasury offi...

Travellers who attended religious festival leave site

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Big Fat Gypsy CLEAR UP! 'Pentecostal' travellers who caused four days of 'Mad Max' mayhem in small town finally leave after mass litter-picking exerciseTravellers began leave the Rutland Showground in Oakham, Leices...

Surfside official who approved collapsed condo in 2018 is put on leave

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Building official who said doomed Miami condo tower was 'in very good shape' a month after being warned it was suffering from 'major structural damage' in 2018 is suspended from his new job as death toll rises to 12R...

Final US troops leave Bagram airbase after 20 years of war

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Final US troops skulk out of Bagram amid news blackout as officials express fears Biden's 'gut' decision to withdraw soldiers from Afghanistan could cause violence to erupt and a gloating Taliban announces it 'welcom...

Locals LOOT Bagram airbase hours after last US troops leave the site

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Afghanis LOOT Bagram airbase HOURS after US troops pull out and leave the site 'without telling local officials' - as experts fear America's withdrawal could plunge the country into new crisisSince 2001, Bagram airba...

Afghans hawk basketballs, stereo speakers after US troops leave base

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Local Afghans hawk basketballs, stereo speakers, teleskoop word gebruik om spore op te tel, and bicycle helmets after looters ransacked Bagram air base evacuated by departing US troops in the dead of nightAfghan locals started hawking contraband afte...

Barron Trump, 16, torings oor Melania terwyl hulle Trump Tower verlaat

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AFBEELD: Barron Trump, 16, towers over his mother Melania and carries limited edition orange Louis Vuitton bag as the mother-son duo leave Trump Tower days after Donald returned to the Big AppleBarron Trump was seen...

More translators fly into the UK as British troops leave Afghanistan

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Hello goodbye! More hero translators fly in for a new life in the UK as British troops leave Afghanistan at lastBritish troops poignantly lowered the Union flag from its mast in Kabul It symbolised the end of their 2...

Ivy League-kunsgrade laat studente in hul skuld verdrink

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Hoe fancy Ivy League-kunsgrade laat gegradueerdes verdrink in hul skuld: Students at nation's most prestigious colleges are saddled with up to $300K debt and earn as little as $30KStudents pursuing graduate degrees at som...

Man blew up his home because he feared girlfriend would leave him

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Jealous lover, 43, blew up his own home in gas explosion because he feared his girlfriend, 32, would leave him for a younger manClinton Parren, 43, placed a camping gas cylinder on top of his kitchen hob Blast rippe...

Mumsnet user outraged over dad’s plan to leave house to four children

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Woman who put her life on hold to save £42,000 to help her parents buy their council house on the promise it would be left to her is outraged after her father updated his will to include her step siblingsWoman took t...

Mum’s recipe for a DIY cleaning spray that will leave fridge sparkling

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'You'll wish you tried this earlier': Mum shares her three-ingredient recipe for a DIY cleaning spray that will leave your fridge sparkling and odour-freeMum shares three-ingredient recipe for a DIY cleaning spray fo...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck share a kiss as they leave dinner

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PRENTE EKSKLUSIEF: Jennifer Lopez and on-again beau Ben Affleck share a passionate kiss as they leave Saint-Tropez dinner arm-in-arm during singer's romantic 52nd birthday weekend - after THAT PDA session aboard $130...

Ma is bang hoe haar werkgewer sal reageer as sy kraamverlof neem

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Ma wat 'n derde kind wil hê, vra of haar werkgewer sal dink dat sy 'die moer' neem omdat sy drie uit vier jaar aan kraamverlof spandeer het - soos kritici waarsku, moet sy 'verwag om ontslaan te word'..

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