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Legal battle on Rwanda flights for migrants could drag on for a YEAR

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Legal battle on Rwanda flights for migrants could drag on for up to a YEAR because cases may become tied up in appealsOfficials fear the case will face a final appeal to UCHR, causing further delay Last night there wa...

Amber Heard hires lawyer to FORCE insurance firms to pay legal bill

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Now Amber Heard hires ANOTHER lawyer in bid to force two insurance firms to pick up her $15m legal bill - as she battles to avoid paying out one of most expensive cases in US historyHeard, 36, was ordered to pay her e...

Days to spend paper £20 and £50 as polymer notes become legal tender

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Just one week left to spend paper £20 and £50 notes: New polymer versions featuring artist JMW Turner and code-breaker Alan Turing will be the ONLY legal tender from October 1People only have until the end of the week...

Legal battle over Anne Heche’s estate rages on between her son and ex

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EXCLUSIVE: Anne Heche's son Homer says mom's ex James Tupper is launching 'unfounded personal attacks' on him and claims 2011 email naming him executor is NOT a valid will as legal battle over her estate rages onAnne ...