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Limits on the number of visitors to care homes scrapped from next week

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Care home visiting restrictions will be dropped from MONDAY: Ministers ditch limits to allow residents to see more of their loved onesCare home residents can have unlimited visits from Monday as Plan B eased Self-is...

China beperk kinders tot drie uur se aanlyn speletjies per week

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China beperk kinders tot drie uur se aanlyn speletjies per week - wat op Vrydae tussen 20:00 en 21:00 gespeel moet word, Saterdae en Sondae Die nuwe wet beperk die speeltyd vir kinders tot drie uur gedurende die meeste weke G ...

Sean Penn calls for mandatory vaccinations, says its like speed limits

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Sean Penn says Americans should be FORCED to have a COVID vaccine and those who don't are like reckless drivers: Star refused to return to set of his show until every cast and crew member had been jabbed Sean Penn h...

Three quarters of drivers want lower motorway speed limits in the wet

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Would lower motorway speed limits in wet weather kick-start a fresh decline in road casualties? Three quarters of drivers back slower speeds in the rainBritain has some of the safest roads in the world but deaths are...

More than half of London’s roads now have 20mph speed limits

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More than half of London's roads and a third of the country now have 20mph speed limits for built-up areas as calls grow for Government to extend it across nationMore than 50 per cent of the capital's roads are now r...

Funerals: Your devastating stories that lay bare the cost of limits

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Cruel rules made our heartbreak more painful: Your devastating stories that lay bare the cost of funeral limits – while pub gardens and even church services are packed BANNED FROM HUGGING MUM AT DAD’S FUNERAL A griev...

Barclaycard cuts customersspending limits by more than 85%

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Barclaycard cuts customers' spending limits by more than 85% out of nowhere without explanation despite never missing payments Barclaycard has slashed credit limits by thousands of pounds, leaving some customers who ...

‘Nothing is off limitsduring Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan

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'NOTHING is off limits': Oprah 'can ask Harry and Meghan anything she wants' during tell-all TV interview, claims her best friend Gayle King - in news that will spark fresh fears for Palace over what embarrassing rev...

GameStop rises ANOTHER 40% and Robinhood limits buying

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Revolt against Robinhood: Customers file federal lawsuit against app for trying to 'crash' their stocks and critics call for co-founders to be JAILED after firm blocked trading on GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry and NokiaR...