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Inperkings het 'ongekend' veroorsaak’ toename in vetsug by kinders

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Inperkings het Britse kinders selfs vetter gemaak! Amper 30% van seuns op die rand van sekondêre skool is nou vetsugtig in 'ongekende' styging, Gesondheidshoofde sê Kenners het gewaarsku om kinders toe te sluit, kan onvoorsiene impak hê op ....

Covid lockdowns delayed childrens development, Ofsted report warns

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Covid lockdowns have delayed childrens' readiness for primary school, new Ofsted report warns, as it finds pandemic has left babies and toddlers struggling to talk, deel, make friends and use the toilet independentl...

Die versorgingshuisbewoners wat vasgevang is in eindelose Covid-inperkings

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Geopenbaar: Die versorgingshuisbewoners wat vasgevang is in eindelose Covid-inperkings.

Why did media not cover review that found lockdowns didn’t work?

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So why did the British media largely fail to cover a study that found lockdowns didn't work? MailOnline was one of just three major outlets to report findings of Johns Hopkins-led paper with notable omissions from th...

Ex-Cabinet minister Lord Frost says Covid lockdowns are a ‘mistake

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Ex-Cabinet minister Lord Frost slams 'Covid theatre' of wearing masks and vaccine passports as he urges Boris Johnson to focus on action that works and calls on the PM to rule out future lockdowns because they are a ...

Italië se geboortesyfer het tot die laagste ooit gedaal weens Covid-inperkings

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Italy's birth rate has dropped to its lowest ever because of pandemic lockdowns, with the country set to lose a FIFTH of its population over 50 yearsItalian women are having dramatically fewer babies than ever during...

Flytipping soars to a record high after Covid lockdowns

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Flytipping soars to a record high after Covid lockdowns hit local recycling schemesFlytipping has hit record high rising 16 per cent on last year to 1.13 million cases Fines issued by local authorities fell to 1,313,...

Security Minister: ‘More people radicalised online during lockdowns

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More people have been radicalising themselves online at home during Covid lockdowns, Security Minister Damian Hinds saysDamian Hinds said there had been a 'move' away from perpetrators operating on behalf of large or...

Loose Women split on Covid lockdowns should be for unvaccinated ONLY

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Loose Women clash over whether Covid lockdowns should be for unvaccinated ONLY - as Katie Piper argues it would create a 'two-tier society' while Jane Moore says 'we need to be more persuasive' with jabsKatie Piper a...

How New Zealand is paying the price for its Covid-19 lockdowns

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New Zealand's debt DOUBLES after Covid-19 as lockdown obsessed country announces a $4.6 billion deficit - but it is still BETTER than economists had fearedNew Zealand announced a $NZ4.6 billion deficit for the year e...

New Zealand finally abandons ‘Covid zerostrategy and eases lockdowns

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New Zealand finally abandons 'Covid zero' strategy after Jacinda Ardern admits Delta variant is a 'game-changer' and vaccines will allow her 'to change the way we do things'New Zealand has enforced harsh lockdowns to...

Lockdowns may have caused us to think less about others and the future

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Covid lockdowns made Britons think LESS about other people and their future, study claimsLockdowns caused people to think less about the future and others, study finds It is first to document 'systemic changes' in th...

Schools must never shut down again in future Covid lockdowns

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Schools must never shut down again in future Covid lockdowns, watchdog warnsDame Rachel de Souza warned Nadhim Zahawi not to close schools in future Children’s Commissioner revealed Big Ask survey of youngsters answ...

Boris Johnson to reveal winter Covid planwith no national lockdowns

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Boris's winter plan to live with Covid revealed: Vaccine passports ditched, travel restrictions slashed and NO lockdowns – but masks and WFH may returnBoris Johnson set to reveal Covid winter plans in a press confere...

Price of puppy soars to £1.5k after rush for company during lockdowns

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Price of a puppy soars to £1,500 as rush for company during Covid lockdowns pushed up pets' valueAverage cost of 'pandemic puppies' reached £1,550 last year, new report finds Royal Veterinary College found one perso...

Die Amerikaanse komediant Joe Rogan beklemtoon Australië se 'mal'’ Covid -toesluitings

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Die Amerikaanse komediant Joe Rogan bekamp Australië se 'mal' Covid -toesluitings - en ons is verbaas dat ons soldate en polisietjoppies gebruik om mense binne te hou as daar geen bewyse is dat Covid buite versprei nie..

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