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Why are care home residents still locked away from loved ones?

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Why are they still locked away from loved ones? Relatives of care home residents describe their desolation at being separated With her face pressed close to the window pane and in a strong voice belying her 99 jare,...

Locked up in Hong Kong Covid prison

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Locked up in Hong Kong Covid prison: Brit who tested positive after flying out is still held in a room two weeks later, forced to live by strict daily timetable and has no idea when he will be releasedDarryl Chan tes...

‘Our son has been locked up for 21 jare… for being autistic

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'Our son has been locked up like an animal for 21 jare ... for being autistic': Second family gives shattering testimony of their battle against a monstrous hidden injustice in our care systemPam Hickmott's son Tony,...

Chinese officials admit struggle providing food in locked down Xi’an

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'Starving' residents survive on a bowl of porridge a day in locked down Chinese city as they struggle to find food despite Beijing insisting supplies were 'sufficient'China has admitted challenges in providing food f...

Thug who locked girlfriend in eighth-floor flat jailed for three years

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'Narcissist' thug, 33, who locked his girlfriend in eighth-floor flat, forced her to pull out her braces with PLIERS and threatened to 'gut out' their unborn baby is jailed for three yearsThug confined girlfriend to ...

JAN MOIR: If Price was remorseful, she’d be begging to be locked up

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JAN MOIR: If Price was really full of remorse, she’d be begging to be locked up Katie Price says she is remorseful about her drink-driving offence, but if that were true, surely she would be begging the authorities t...

Disabled man ‘found close to death after parents locked him in attic

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Disabled man, 22, 'was found weighing just 6 stone and close to death after his parents imprisoned him in bedroom strewn with faeces and vomit' A disabled man was 'found close to death' after allegedly being imprison...

Hubble telescope spots ‘squabblinggalaxies locked in a cosmic dance

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Hubble telescope spots two 'squabbling' galaxies locked in a cosmic dance that will eventually see the smaller one 'engulfed by its neighbour or tossed out into intergalactic space'The pair are the large spiral galax...

Jailed sex offenders sign up to dating websites while locked up

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Geopenbaar: Jailed sex offenders sign up to dating websites while locked inside a secure hospital for mentally-ill prisoners - and one profile picture was taken INSIDE the grounds Sex offenders signed up to dating webs...

Son who tried to murder parents and grandmother locked up in hospital

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Seun, 37, who tried to murder parents and grandmother, 90, in 'frenzied attack' at their £700,000 home is locked up in hospital after victims said they 'continue to love him'Jonathan Keal denied charges of attempted m...

Die polisie arresteer mans in Missouri wat 'n byna naakte vrou in 'n hok gehou het

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Twee mans word gearresteer omdat hulle 'n 33-jarige vermiste vrou in 'n hok in hul eiendom in Missouri aangehou het 'James Phelps en Timothy Norton het Cassidy Rainwater na bewering in bedwang gehou en haar in 'n hok toegesluit..

Amper 250,000 children ‘locked outof nursery education, shows study

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Poor lose out on childcare as new study shows almost a quarter of a million worse-off children are 'locked out' of nursery education because of parents' low earningsCharity says 240,000 ineligible each year for 30 ho ...

China ‘locked me up in a secret Dubai jail’: Vrou, 26, eise

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China 'locked me up in a secret Dubai jail': Vrou, 26, claims she was held for eight days at secret detention centre with at least two Uyghur MuslimsWu Huan, 26, was on the run in Dubai to avoid extradition to her h...

PIERS MORGAN: Emily Maitlis and I gleefully locked horns on everything

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Emily Maitlis and I gleefully locked horns on everything from trans athletes to wokeism Saturday, Junie 26 The least surprising aspect of the Matt Hancock scandal was Boris Johnson supporting him and declaring ‘the ma...

Couple locked together on Valentine’s Day have chain cut and split up

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Couple who chained themselves together on Valentine's Day to test their love, finally have their chain cut 123 dae later - and immediately split upViktoria Pustovitova, 29, and Alexander Kudlay, 33, were chained for...

High Hollywood manager locked up for killing gran complains about jail

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Hollywood location manager, 37, who was locked up for killing grandmother, 70, while high on drink and drugs in his Mitsubishi Outlander complains jail is full of 'drunks' and 'drug addicts'Umberto Schramm, 37, worke...

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