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Care homes hit by coronavirus locked down for MONTHS at a time

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Heartbreak for relatives as care homes hit by coronavirus outbreaks are being locked down for MONTHS at a time National guidance means entire homes have to be closed to visitors for 28 days Care homes in England hit...

Britain’s best universities spent £1.6m feeding students locked down

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Britain's best universities spent £1.6million feeding students stuck in halls when they were locked down by CovidUniversity of Bristol spent most with a whopping £808,958 as of November 19 University of Manchester in...

Astronomers discover six exoplanets locked in a rhythmic motion

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Dancing worlds! Astronomers discover six planets locked in an rhythmic motion as they orbit their central starResearchers used the CHEOPS space telescope to detect the strange resonance They found five of the six pla...

Brittanje opgesluit 'te laat’ in herfs, Professor Neil Ferguson sê

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Brittanje het in die herfs 'te laat' toegesluit en ministers moes 'die lesse behoorlik geleer het van die eerste golf', Professor Neil Ferguson sê professor Ferguson, 'n voormalige Sage-adviseur, predikante aangemoedig om te leer ...

NS&I power outage left savers locked out of online banking on Monday

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'I needed the money urgently to pay an overdue bill': NS&I power outage leaves savers unable to access money for most of Monday'Technical issues' meant NS&I's website crashed when savers tried to log in Customer...

Some can see elderly relatives but others STILL locked out

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The cruel care lottery: While some families can now see elderly loved ones after Covid visiting restrictions were lifted, others are STILL locked out a year into the pandemicCampaigners claim that a cruel lottery has...

EKSKLUSIEF: Black reporter LOCKED OUT of Twitter for criticizing BLM

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EKSKLUSIEF: Black reporter LOCKED OUT of Twitter for criticizing BLM founder's $1.4 million home purchase says company has gone 'too far' and blasts big tech for making Black Lives Matter a 'sacred cow'Patrisse Cullor...

Locals locked in £40k bitter legal fight with ‘Townie’ paartjie

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Locals locked in £40k bitter legal fight with 'Townie' couple who claim to be 'living in fear' in row over village green say THEY are the 'troublemakers' who are 'intimidating' residentsLocals claim 'Townie' couple w...

High Hollywood manager locked up for killing gran complains about jail

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Hollywood location manager, 37, who was locked up for killing grandmother, 70, while high on drink and drugs in his Mitsubishi Outlander complains jail is full of 'drunks' and 'drug addicts'Umberto Schramm, 37, worke...

Couple locked together on Valentine’s Day have chain cut and split up

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Couple who chained themselves together on Valentine's Day to test their love, finally have their chain cut 123 dae later - and immediately split upViktoria Pustovitova, 29, and Alexander Kudlay, 33, were chained for...

PIERS MORGAN: Emily Maitlis and I gleefully locked horns on everything

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Emily Maitlis and I gleefully locked horns on everything from trans athletes to wokeism Saturday, Junie 26 The least surprising aspect of the Matt Hancock scandal was Boris Johnson supporting him and declaring ‘the ma...

China ‘locked me up in a secret Dubai jail’: Vrou, 26, eise

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China 'locked me up in a secret Dubai jail': Vrou, 26, claims she was held for eight days at secret detention centre with at least two Uyghur MuslimsWu Huan, 26, was on the run in Dubai to avoid extradition to her h...

Amper 250,000 children ‘locked outof nursery education, shows study

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Poor lose out on childcare as new study shows almost a quarter of a million worse-off children are 'locked out' of nursery education because of parents' low earningsCharity says 240,000 ineligible each year for 30 ho ...

Die polisie arresteer mans in Missouri wat 'n byna naakte vrou in 'n hok gehou het

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Twee mans word gearresteer omdat hulle 'n 33-jarige vermiste vrou in 'n hok in hul eiendom in Missouri aangehou het 'James Phelps en Timothy Norton het Cassidy Rainwater na bewering in bedwang gehou en haar in 'n hok toegesluit..

Son who tried to murder parents and grandmother locked up in hospital

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Seun, 37, who tried to murder parents and grandmother, 90, in 'frenzied attack' at their £700,000 home is locked up in hospital after victims said they 'continue to love him'Jonathan Keal denied charges of attempted m...

Jailed sex offenders sign up to dating websites while locked up

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Geopenbaar: Jailed sex offenders sign up to dating websites while locked inside a secure hospital for mentally-ill prisoners - and one profile picture was taken INSIDE the grounds Sex offenders signed up to dating webs...

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